MA Digital Narratives

Master’s Program Digital Narratives

Digitization in the 21st century has not only spawned rapid technological changes. It has also had a fundamental impact on people, culture and society as a whole, which in turn has transformed our overall values and ideals.

The MA Digital Narratives is an artistic and academic full-time study program that centers on the students’ narrative projects. In the combination of theory and practice, the program enables the development of innovative projects and a critical discourse on digitization. The program is based on academic and artistic research of digitization’s societal, cultural, media-theoretical and technical context.
Right from the start, the program conveys an international perspective to the students that in turn promotes their intercultural skills. This takes place on the level of content in the context of digitization as a global phenomenon, as well as through the international makeup of the student group.

The program is held in English.

The program aims to support students to graduate into self-confident, team-oriented leaders for future-oriented art and media work in industry, science and culture.

Application deadline: March 1, 2018
Interviews: March 19/20, 2018
Start of studies: October 1, 2018
Application details [PDF]

Please find here the module handbook for our MA Digital Narratives.