Es war schoen

Es war schoen

Final Project by Naomi Kantor
Germany 2018 | Short Film | 24 minutes

Vision statement

Drawing from personal experience of moving from Israel to Germany, Es war schoen tells a story about feelings of estrangement and alienation in a situation of migration. The short film focusses on the emotional and poetic dimension of a state of transition. While there are a variety of political issues involved in the material of the film; Israeli-Palestinian conflict, European migration crisis, new wave of Israeli migration to Germany — Es war schoen is dealing with them indirectly. They are the canvas of the plot, but not the drama itself.

Malki, a young Israeli woman, struggles with her new life in Germany. As a simple trip to the public swimming pool turns into an absurd odyssey, a bizarre pursuit with a stranger allows her to change her perspective on her exilic state of mind and develop an unlikely friendship.

Director / Author:
Naomi Kantor
Producer: Marius Kimmel
DoP: Mathis Hanspach
Editor: Antonia-Marleen Klein
Production Designer: Bohdan Wozniak

Yael Igra
Mohamed Achour
Jonas Anders