A Jazz Punk Story

Abschlussprojekt: A Jazz Punk Story

A Jazz Punk Story Final Project by Felipe R. Martinez | MA Digital Narratives Germany 2021 | Transmedia Documentary As a transmedia documentary, A Jazz Punk Story relays on 3 different platforms: a Documentary Film, an Interactive Web-doc, and a Virtual Reality Jazz Experience. Length: Documentary 90 min | WebDoc 15 min | VR 10 […]

An Other

Abschlussprojekt: An_Other

An_Other Final Project by Loreto Quijada | MA Digital Narratives  Germany 2020 | projection mapping + 3D audio environment Length: 30 minutes Vision Statement »An_Other« is a short film framed in a mapping experience. It portrays everyday objects, faces, and actions fragmented on architectural spaces to depict the delicacy, oddity, horror, and beauty of mundane life. […]

Abschlussprojekt: Catch Me

Catch Me Final Project by Javiera Cortes | MA Digital Narratives Germany 2020 | Location based game / crime game Vision Statement You could say that »Catch Me« is a serious and location-based game. The player is a detective in the case of a missing woman. He or she has to physically walk through downtown Cologne […]

Der Grund unter Berlin

Abschlussprojekt: Der Grund Unter Berlin

Der Grund Unter Berlin Final Project by Lucas Brunelli Donnard | MA Digital Narratives Germany 2020 | Interactive Series Concept 8 x 22 min to 42 min | Drama, Comedy | Dark Humor, Magical Realism As the summer’s heatwave falls over Berlin’s warmest night, eight interconnected stories clash deep inside the city’s U-Bahn system.   […]

Abschlussprojekt: Foreigners

Foreigners Final Project by Ginna Mendoza | MA Digital Narratives Germany 2020 | Web Series / Cross-media / Dramedie Vision Statement »Foreigners« is a cross-media project consisting of a fictional web format based on real events of different characters who migrated to Europe with a strategic communication campaign. This campaign involves the creation of a facebook […]

Abschlussprojekt: Persoma

Persoma Final Project by David Vernaglione | MA Digital Narratives Germany 2020 | Interactive Graphic Novel Vision Statement »Persoma« is an interactive graphic novel which represents an opportunity to investigate on the nature of our body, on the thin line that demarcates, and intertwines, the borders between our physical self and our (un-)conscious identity, and […]


Abschlussprojekt: Siro

Siro Final Project by Handuo Zhang |MA Digital Narratives Germany 2020 | Interactive Installation Length: 15 min Vision Statement The human brain in the modern context is commonly considered as where the “mind” is. A type of data recording mechanism called EEG (Electroencephalography) is scientifically proven as being able to represent various aspects of a […]

Washed Ashore

Abschlussprojekt: Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore Final Project by Volodymyr Kolbasa | MA Digital Narratives Germany 2020 | Сross-media project | VR Experience & Feature Documentary Film | VR experience – 15 Min. / Documentary – 90 Min. Vision Statement Cross-media project which tells a story of a myth created around a sunken city and villages which was flooded in […]

Abschlussprojekt: Occupied

Occupied Abschlussprojekt 2019 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln von Matija Dragojević Genre: Sci-fi / Comedy Format: 8 x 30 minutes Tagline »One body. Three assholes.« Logline In the near future, where body renting is possible, two people double-book the body of a small-time crook and are now forced to struggle with the […]

Abschlussprojekt: Enjoy Your Stay

Enjoy Your Stay Abschlussprojekt 2019 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln von Marina Cardozo  Genre: Comedy Format: 13 x 25 minutes Tagline »Hospitality at its finest. Or almost.« Logline A reckless young Brazilian lies her way into a job at a Cologne hotel, where she constantly gets in trouble with her rule-loving German […]

Abschlussprojekt: The Last Fix

The Last Fix Abschlussprojekt 2019 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln von Natalie Thomas  Genre: Drama Format: 13 x 52 minutes Tagline »All in a hard life’s work.« Logline Along with a team of fiercely determined social workers, workaholic Liz Conner strives to help drug addicts – no matter the cost. Synopsis […]

Abschlussprojekt: The Duty

The Duty Abschlussprojekt 2019 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln von Roma Raju  Genre: Dystopian Noir Drama Format: 8 x 45 minutes Tagline »Thou shalt kill.« Logline In an overpopulated world where it is the duty of every citizen to kill one other person, an unworldly young woman defies her lawabiding family […]