Kendys Ortega
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Kendys Ortega Quintero

MA 3D Animation for Film & Games



From a very young age, I have been passionate about fantastic creatures, animated films, and short films. I was interested in directing advertising spots and illustration, which I developed strongly in 2007 during my Bachelor's degree in graphic design at Universidad del Norte, Colombia. Shortly after that, my experience led me to learn 3D art on my own. With a strong interest in animation, visual effects, and traditional art, I developed a new career path where I could integrate all my passions. I enjoy sculpting, human anatomy, and free-hand drawing.
I have an immense interest in learning new things every day, always searching for new techniques and tools to create art, and have always thought that visual storytelling is a crucial key to the process of transforming an idea into a masterpiece, that is why in 2022 I started my studies in 3D animation for Film and Games.