Foto Morgan Gendel
© Karen Sayre for Eikon Photography

Morgan Gendel


Writer and Producer (»Star Trek: The Next Generation«, »The 100«), USA


Morgan Gendel has 30 years’ experience in TV as a network executive, writer, producer, and showrunner. The Hugo Award winner (for »Star Trek: The Next Generation«) has written or produced more than 250 episodes of television, including »Law & Order«, »Drop Dead Diva« and »The 100«, on which he served as co-executive producer. He was showrunner or executive producer on »Spider-Man«, »V.I.P.«, »The Dresden Files«, and the Lifetime TV movie »A Decent Proposal«. He recently signed on to adapt the best-selling »Kingfountain« book series for Nucleus Media Rights, for whom he will also serve as showrunner, and his original sci-fi series »The Convergence« is currently being set up by Studio Babelsberg in alliance with Endgame Entertainment of Hollywood. As a consultant to Pro 7, he mentored writers of the TV series »Unschuldig« and did the same for the Russian company GoodStory and the series »Sweet Life«. Outside of the writing realm, Gendel is a member of NASA’s Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium, to which he recently delivered a presentation on HABOLITH, his innovative design concept for astronaut housing on the moon and Mars.