Sachin Manoharan

MA 3D Animation for Film & Games



Sachin Manoharan is a 3D enthusiast whose life has been all about computer and animation, ever since his father bought him a computer after passing his higher education exam. Since then, it has rarely been a day that he hasn’t watched a VFX movie or played a computer game. 

Slowly and gradually, the hobby became a passion and he became determined to have a career in computer animation. This passion and love for animation led him to pursue a Bachelor’s of Arts in Multimedia from Mahatma Gandhi University (2012-2015). After that Sachin obtained a post graduate diploma in 3D Animation from ICAT Design and Media College (2015-2016). Following the completion of his studies, he worked for two and half years as a 3D and graphic artist in three well-known companies.



3D Modeling Showreel 2017

Sachin M. Showreel

Showcase ifs-Filme

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