ifs internationale filmschule Köln - Summerschool

»Summer School Screenwriting« with Keith Cunningham

The new three-week advanced training course »Summer School Screenwriting« at ifs internationale filmschule köln offers a concise introduction to the art and craft of visual storytelling for film and TV. In an enjoyable, international setting, aspiring screenwriters learn about all key aspects of fiction writing for audiovisual media. Through theory and practice, participants gain insights […]

ifs internationale Fimschule Köln GEECT Conference

GEECT Conference »Embracing Diversity in European Film Schools«

In 2019, the ifs hosted the second part of the GEECT conference “Embracing Diversity in European Film Schools” in Cologne. In lectures and workshops, the conference focused on the question of how film schools can and should deal with topics such as cultural and social diversity, migration, demographic change and gender justice – both in […]