Apostolos Sivridis

Apostolos Sivridis

BA Film | Creative Producing


Producer (a. o. UNDER THE SKIN)



APOSTOLOS SIVRIDIS born 1983 in Troisdorf | Abitur 2004 in Siegburg | 2006-2008 studies of geography | until 2012 studies of communication sciences | 2012-2014 production management for various student film projects | 2014-2016 stay in Australia and Southeast Asia | 2017-2021 BA Film "Creative Producing" at ifs

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Production Management

2014 | Feature Film | 27 min.

Understanding something makes me happy. This can be a complex fact hidden behind an inconspicuous observation, or the tragic background of a biography that makes me understand a person's motivations and emotions and gives me reasons for their actions. As a filmmaker, I want my stories to explore and contemplate these connections. I want to create meaning in order to be able to understand what I did not understand before. That's why common means and narratives sometimes have to be broken, in order to be able to create insight in the viewer and remain entertaining at the same time. That is my claim. My films help me to better understand the world and its phenomena and to make them accessible to myself and others. That fulfills me.

Apostolos Sivridis

Alumnus & Producer

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