Ray-Anand Bremer

Ray Bremer

BA Film | Creative Producing



RAY BREMER born in Bonn and lived between Germany and India as a child. First touches and insights into the media industry came through the production of YouTube commercials. Working on set in a small professional team sparked my interest in moving image production. I then worked for an advertising/film agency. There I worked on various formats and was able to gain insight into the areas of camera, lighting, production and directing. During this time, I supported different artistic projects from student short films to music videos. I realized that my strengths lie in communication and organizing, so I decided to pursue production work in film. I completed an internship at a film production company and participated in the realization of a German television film. These experiences strengthened my desire to continue this path. Most recently, I worked as a production assistant for a German series format. The desire to develop material in addition to production tasks finally led me to the ifs. Studying at the ifs since 2021.

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