ifs graduate wins German Camera Award with her graduation film

Katja Tauber is awarded for Best Cinematography in the Category Short Film

Katja Tauber Kamerapreis

For her outstanding image design, the ifs graduate and Director of Photography Katja Tauber was awarded in the category Best Camera Short Film at the 31st German Camera Award.
The graduate of the program Camera / Director of Photography at the ifs internationale filmschule köln received the award for her camera work on the ifs graduation film »Mono No Aware« (script, direction, editing: ifs alumnus Till Kleinau; camera, script: Katja Tauber; sound mixing: ifs alumnus Holger Buff).

The jury‘s verdict on Katja Tauber’s cinematography for »Mono No Aware«: “In Japanese, the expression ‘mono no aware’ describes the melancholy about the fact that every beauty is also inherently transient. In a narratively highly fragmented way, the short film of the same name aestheticises this principle through Katja Tauber’s brilliant image design. In iconic shots, she creates gloomy melancholy in Cinemascope tableaus partly bathed in minimalist light. Reduced, graphic images alternate with a framing emphasising ‘negative space’, creating an almost liberating sense of space and depth – space for thoughts and sensations triggered by the film. The abundance of precisely composed images develops an enormous pull and gives the film a beguiling beauty.”

In his laudatory speech, Hajo Schomerus, Director of Photography and Professor for non-fictional and fictional camera at the ifs, emphasises: “Katja Tauber has succeeded in making sounds and noises visible and images audible. In this way, she not only tells of the melancholy of things, but beyond: of melancholy, sadness, loneliness – but also of the flow of the world, of the passing of time – in a dramaturgy all her own. Katja Tauber, a graduate of the camera class at the ifs in Cologne, has created a real work of art here with Till Kleinau in her graduation film: enigmatic, profound and captivatingly beautiful.”

Katja Tauber: “‘Mono No Aware’ was a real project of the heart from the very beginning, which came about under very special circumstances. I am very proud of the extremely committed team, the wonderful cast – and that our joint film is now being awarded the German Camera Prize.”

Also nominated this year was the editor and ifs graduate Friederike Dörffler for editing the ifs short film »75/1«.

The German Camera Award is presented annually in Cologne. It honours special achievements in the field of camera and editing in cinema and TV formats and is the most important award in the industry in German-speaking countries. This year, a total of 455 entries were received in seven categories. The award ceremony will take place online due to the coronavirus pandemic: This year’s nominees and winners as well as trailers of the award-winning films will be presented at www.deutscher-kamerapreis.de. On 25 May at 11.45 pm, portraits of all the award winners will be shown on WDR.