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European Showrunner Think Tank V

European Showrunner 2022: Think Tank V

Showrunning in Europe

December 13, 2022 | 4.30 – 7.30 pm CET | online via Zoom

It was a unique experiment: for the first time ever, twelve aspiring and first-time showrunners from ten European countries came together to examine, study and discuss the showrunner position from the European perspective. For six months they broadened their knowledge and honed their skills in the European Showrunner Training with the aim of finding their personal – and possibly a uniquely European – showrunner model.
This panel gives a glimpse into their findings, discussing the possibility of a sustainable, truly European showrunner model.
Norwegian showrunner Julie Skaufel (»Home for Christmas«) and aspiring showrunner Tijs van Marle (»Dirty Lines«), both established and renowned series writers, discuss their take-aways from the "newcomers'" position, while Head of Programme Danish showrunner Jeppe Gjervig Gram gives an insight into how the aim of the programme's concept met with reality.

Jeppe Gjervig Gram | writer and showrunner (»Borgen«, »Follow the Money«), Denmark
Julie Skaufel | writer and showrunner (»Home for Christmas«, »I Do«), Norway
Tijs van Marle | writer (»Dirty Lines«, »Mister Twister«), The Netherlands

Marike Muselaers | Lumière Benelux Group, Belgium

Please watch the recording of the Think Tank below.

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