Grimme Award 2020: Films by ifs graduates and professors awarded

The documentary film »Dark Eden«, funded by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, wins a Grimme Prize in the category »Competition Information & Culture«. The film was produced by Melanie Andernach (MADE IN GERMANY), who studied creative production at the ifs. Michael David Beamish, who became a co-director during the shooting and fell ill from the consequences of the environmental disaster, receives the Grimme Award for Writing and Directing together with Jasmin Herold. Andreas Köhler (camera) and Martin Kayser Landwehr (editing) also receive awards. The jury gives the following reasons: »[…] The closeness that this impressively photographed film gains to its characters never reveals voyeurism. “Dark Eden” is a haunting contribution about a man-made catastrophe – and that’s why people are at its centre. […] Making the film primarily as a portrait and character study gives it a captivating, sometimes even entertaining, even cheerful-black dramaturgy – and at the same time gives the viewer the chance to understand even the most dubious positions and attitudes again and again.« We congratulate you warmly!

The drama »Hanne« (PROVOBIS for NDR/ARTE) is the only television film in the category »Fiction« to receive a Grimme Prize. The award goes to Beate Langmaack (book), ifs professor Dominik Graf (direction) and Iris Berben (presentation). »Diversity, innovative narrative forms and the critical social discourse is what our committees, but also we as an institute, would like to see even more consistently. This applies to all formats, but above all to television films,« says Grimme Director Dr. Frauke Gerlach.

The episodic film »The Love Europe Project« (Sperl+Film/ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel for ZDF/ARTE)) will also receive an award in the »Fiction« category. The project shows the lives and everyday life of different people in Europe in nine short feature films – including the film »Like a Bird«, for which ifs professor André Bendocchi-Alves is responsible for editing. The production sets a sign for the solidarity and the future of Europe in times of EU criticism and brexit. »Europe is rich in history – and stories. “The Love Europe Project” unites stories across national borders and is an appeal to understand Europe’s diversity and thus the complexity of freedom,« the jury said.

The award ceremony will take place on 27 March 2020 at the Marl Theatre in Marl.

Credit: © Grimme Preis, dpa