Hofer Filmtage: Graduation film nominated three times for the Promotion Prize, Gold Prize and Picture-Art Prize

This year’s International Hofer Film Days (23-28 October) will start on 23 October. Two films from the ifs internationale filmschule köln will also be screened this year: the feature film »Der Schrei« and the short film »Keine Herrenjahre«. »Der Schrei« (Director & Screenplay: Bünyamin Musullu, Production: Charly Hoffmann, Cinematography: Jannis Danikas, Editing & Sounddesign: Friederike Dörffler) will have its world premiere at the festival and has been nominated twice – for the Promotion Prize and for the Gold Prize. The film has also been nominated for the Bild-Kunst Preis (VSK) for best costume design / set design.

The comedy »Keine Herrenjahre«, a short film from the 5th semester, celebrates its German premiere. We wish you a great festival and keep our fingers crossed for the competition!

More information about the films can be found in the Press release.
More information about the festival here.