HOFER GOLD PRIZE for the graduation film »Charly«

Alisa Kolosova & Lukas Röder

Congrats! HOFER GOLD PRIZE of the Friedrich Baur Foundation awarded by the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in memoriam Heinz Badewitz 2021 goes this year in equal parts to to the director Alisa Kolosova  for her film CHARLY and Lukas Röder for his film BRAIN TATTOO.

The HOFER GOLDPREIS of the Friedrich Baur Foundation awarded by the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in memoriam Heinz Badewitz was awarded for the fourth time this year. It is one of the most highly endowed prizes for up-and-coming filmmakers to be awarded in Germany. The prize honors the first work of a director for a feature film of German production, which celebrates its premiere in Hof. The HOFER GOLD PRIZE is currently endowed with a value of approx. € 36,000 in certified gold, combined with a one-year mentoring consultation. This year, director, producer and head of the Film and Media Art Department of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts, Philip Gröning,took over the task. In addition to the gold bar, the award winners will also receive a “Heinz Badewitz Prize”, which was designed at the Selb Design School.

Jury statement by Philip Gröning: »The cinema is a measuring device. It can measure everything. The heart of the measurement, however, is the viewer himself. How Charly, after the breakdown of her life relationship, wanders dreamlike through Germany and rebuilds and heals her worldview, that is one thing that is told here. But how a Germany and people, situations that are all lost under media exploitation, slowly become visible here again, that’s the other thing. It is not something that is told. It’s more of a thing that happens to the viewer. In the best sense of the word. An almost imperceptible opening of the senses. You can’t want an opening. An opening happens. And that’s the problem. Torn between the impossibility of her desires and her personal strength, Charly experiences the breakdown of her life relationship, and this is only logical. The stronger you are, the harder it is to emerge from the impossibility of one’s own desires. Even the people Charly encounters follow unselfish desires, live in a society in which the unselfish is the norm. Following Charly’s erroneous journey, the form of the film finally moves: away from a logic of personal and narrative functioning and towards a logic of networking, coincidences that seem useless and yet fall into a sense. We are watching that. A molt that becomes growth. Slow, multi-layered, poetic. And it remained with me. Remained in the heart of this measuring device cinema, which I as a spectator necessarily am myself. As a description of our society. And one of the possible antidotes. A departure from wanting.«

The graduation film “Charly” (director: Alisa Kolosova, screenplay: Zoe Hagen, production: Luisa Beuschlein, camera: Antonia Schäfer, editing & sound design: Lukas Sydney Loßdörfer, production design: Lea Preuße, 60 min.) from the bachelor’s program FILM celebrated its festival premiere on Oct. 27 in Hof. The road movie centers on Charly, who lives only according to the expectations of others and flees from every confrontation – including an impending breakup. On her way back to her fiancé, Charly embarks on an unexpected journey with extraordinary encounters that ultimately lead her to herself. Congratulations!

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