ifs-Alumni supported by Filmstiftung

Great news! We are very happy that numerous ifs alumni are supported with their projects by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW: The LGTBQ+ web series “Boy” (writer/director: Kai Kreuser), the sci-fi animated series “Kira, Kakerlake” (writer/director: Mick Mahler, production: Cedric Engels, Manuel Zilleken, book: Ruben Schlembach, animation: Cem Karayakas), the eight-part drama “Im Paradies” (book: Corinna Poetter, Elmar Freels), the twelve-part 2D adventure animated series “Captain Hog” (book: Lukas Pilz) and the series “Wort zur Socke” (book: Corinne Le Hong, production: Levin Hübner and Fabian Wallenfels).

Foto: Mick Mahler