ifs @ Biberacher Filmfestspiele

Beavers are out!
On 31.10. the Biberach Film Festival starts with the two ifs graduation films »Lost in Hope« and »Transit« – iin the competition for the »Kurzfilm-Biber« for the best short feature film and for the »U60-Biber« for the best medium-length feature film.
The drama »Toter Winkel« based on a script by ifs graduate Ben Bräunlich can also be seen, as can the thriller »Rewind – Die zweite Chance« by director and ifs graduate Johannes Sievert, in which other ifs alumni are also involved.
The Biberach Film Festival takes place from 31.10. to 05.11.. More information about the festival: www.filmfest-biberach.de

Here the dates:
»Transit«: 01.11., 11.00 and 02.11., 22.40
»Lost in Hope«: 03.11., 21.55 and 04.11., 11.00
»Toter Winkel«: 01.11., 21.55
»Rewind – Die zweite Chance«: 03.11., 16.25 and 04.11., 21.25