ifs-film of the week: Lost in Hope

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary the ifs presents a #ifsfilmderwoche online every Tuesday.

»Lost in Hope« (2016) is the 25th film in the series and graduation film by Aline Hochscheid (director, screenplay), Dennis Colquhon (production), Kyrill Ahlvers (camera), Zoltan M. Geller (editing, sound design). The short film, funded by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival 2017 in the section »Berlinale Talents« and was nominated for the Studio Hamburg Young Talent Award 2016, among others.

As a poetic dialogue, »Lost in Hope« tells the story of the Israeli Rachel and the Palestinian Yasser. Yasser wants to live in freedom, beyond the hopelessness and violence in his country. Rachel’s dream is to study music. Before that she has to do her military service. But her future is determined by the conflict in her country – and suddenly the fate of one person determines that of another.

Director and Scriptwriter Aline Hochscheid
Aline Hochscheid studied directing in the 7th year of the bachelor’s program in film at the ifs and graduated in 2016. Before her studies she already worked as an actress in film and TV. After her studies she became a lecturer for directing and short film production at the SAE Institute Bochum. Since 2019, she has been studying in the master program Serial Storytelling at the ifs.

Producer Dennis Colquhon
Dennis Colquhon also studied Creative Production in the 7th year of the BA Film at the ifs. After graduating in 2016, he worked as a production manager at bildundtonfabrik and became a producer in the development department in 2017. In the meantime he works as a creative producer at the advertising agency Zum Goldenen Hirsch.

Director of Photography Kyrill Ahlvers
Kyrill Ahlvers studied camera in Bachelor Film at the ifs and graduated in 2016. After graduating, he co-founded the production company Silbersalz (TV & online commercials division) as managing director. He works especially with analog film and in 2020 he reopened a Cinefilmlab with Silbersalz and co-founded Silbersalz35.

Editor & Sound Designer Zoltan M. Geller
Zoltan M. Geller also studied Editing Picture & Sound in the 7th year of the BA Film. Since graduating in 2016 he has been working as a colorist. Since 2019 he works at ActHeadquarter Media and was responsible for the color grading of several ARD films: »Verunsichert – Alles Gute für die Zukunft«, »Was wir wussten – Risiko Pille« and »Die Ungewollten – Die Irrfahrt der St. Louis«.

Click here to see the film (release date: 22.09.-29.09.2020):


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