UPDATE on the Coronavirus

***In order to protect students, teachers, staff and guests of the ifs in its best possible way, the ifs internationale filmschule köln will be closed from March 19 to April 10. The ifs staff can still be reached as usual by e-mail and telephone. ***

***The North Rhine-Westphalia state government has decided that the start of the semester for attended events at all universities will be on April, 20 2020 at the earliest. This means that there won’t be courses at the ifs on site before April, 20.***

The team of the ifs is currently exchanging information about the spread of the novel coronavirus and evaluating the situation – especially with regard to internal and public events.
Of course we will take all possible measures to protect students, teachers, employees and guests in the best possible way.

The ifs asks all students, lecturers and staff members as well as other partners to inform us immediately if cases of corona infection have become known among them or in their environment, if quarantine has been ordered or if there is any other relevant information: vasb@svyzfpuhyr.qr

*** Status: March, 17 2020 ***

The ifs reschedules several events (irrespective of the number of participants) for an indefinite period.
We deeply the regret the refusal, but we’d like to handle responsible in order to prevent the further spread of the virus as well as to protect the risk group.
In case of further refusals of events we will inform you on this site.

Right now the following events are rescheduled for an indefinite period:

18.03.: »ifs-Begegnung« mit Kamerafrau Jutta Pohlmann

23.03.: Köln-Premiere von »Spuren«

26.03.: Girls’ Day at the ifs

26.03. Boys’ Day at the ifs

27.03.: Infoveranstaltung zum Bachelorstudiengang Film

27.03.: Workshop »Gender & Licht«

01.04.: »ifs-Begegnung« mit Simone Stewens

08.04.: »20 Jahre ifs: Alumni im Fokus« mit Hanno Olderdissen und Clemente Fernandez Gil

Contact für further inquiries:

Miriam Edinger
Head of Public Relations
T +49 221.920188-230