Here you will find insights into events around the ifs internationale filmschule köln, which took place in English.

08.04.2022: Shooting »Awsat«

Shooting time! This week, the final project »Awsat« by Eliane Eid and Cathal Kerins (MA Digital Narratives) was shot in the Kulturbunker in Köln-Mülheim.
When Woman and Goddess were one. Awsat takes you on a poetic journey of movement, resilience, and hope. 

Awsat Dreh

21.10.2021: Pitches of the MA Serial Storytelling Alumni at the European Series Day

On 21.10.2021, the European Series Day took place as part of the Film Festival Cologne at the Filmpalast. In the afternoon, the focus was on our MA Serial Storytelling alumni, who presented their final series projects. The European Series Day is a cooperation event of Film Festival Cologne, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Creative Desk Europe and ifs internationale filmschule köln.

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 Joachim Friedmann

16.08.2021: Summer School Screenwriting

The international Summer School Screenwriting started today at the ifs: For three weeks, the 14 participants will delve into the technical and artistic aspects of screenwriting under the guidance of Keith Cunningham (»The Soul of Screenwriting«) and Alkioni Valsari (dramaturg and author). In the courtyard of the ifs, Head Lecturer Keith Cunningham, together with Alkioni Valsari, gave a preview of the intensive programme after a round of getting to know each other, at the end of which the participants will write their own screenplays for a short film.

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 Summer School Screenwriting

01.07.2021: MA Digital Narratives for »1:1 CONCERTS«

Analog meets digital! In the second semester, the students of the MA Digital Narratives developed prototypes for a digital extension of the music experience »1:1 CONCERTS«. 1:1 CONCERTS offers a non-verbal, 10-minute 1-to-1 live encounter between listener and musician. These highly personal concerts also take place in unusual locations. During the pandemic, they were able to contribute to the preservation of the cultural landscape.

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1:1 Concerts

25.06.2021:  Video Art and Film Project »Videofenster 2021«

The immense, urban video art and film project »Videofenster 2021« took place from 22.06-27.06.2021 in Cologne-Ehrenfeld – as a parcours through the district of audiovisual works by international artists and filmmakers. On 25.06.2021 the final project of ifs graduate Felipe R. Martinez from the MA Digital Narratives as well as works by ifs students and alumni from the MA Digital Narratives and the MA 3D Animation. The project aimed to reflect and communicate experiences and feelings about the world changed by the Corona pandemic.

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24.06. & 25.06.2021: Final Presentation MA Serial Storytelling & Graduation Ceremony

It’s pitching time! On June 24, the digital final presentation of the MA Serial Storytelling took place: 16 authors from eight countries presented their Master’s projects live to an industry audience. Prof. Dr. Joachim Friedmann hosted the event.

On June 25, the graduates were awarded their diplomas. The graduation ceremony took place as a hybrid event in the ifs cinema hall with the alumni and via Zoom with Family & Friends. Carolin Große-Hellmann (Head of Serial Storytelling), Sunedria Nicholls-Gärtner (Head of Studies), Julia Klier (Student Representative) as well as Prof. Dr. Joachim Friedmann held ceremonial speeches at the official graduation of the class.

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MA Serial Storytelling, Serien, Studium, Drehbuch, Abschluss, Film, studieren, Filmstudium, Master, ifs

22.06.2021:  »Szene und Spiel« with Felix Hassenfratz

In the seminar »Szene und Spiel« with Felix Hassenfratz, the students of the BA Screenplay slipped out of the roles of the authors and together further developed their characters and their conflicts. Through improvisation and playful impulses, they learned the basics of acting and changing perspectives. The workshop was divided into three phases: Perception exercises, scenic play in working groups based on developed scenes and finally the improvisation of the individual roles and conflicts. 

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17.06.2021:  »ifs Encounter« Gender&Diversity – online edition with Ulrike Hanstein and Narges Kalhor

Yesterday, a film discussion between ifs professor Dr. Ulrike Hanstein and director Narges Kalhor took place on the film »In the Name of Scheherazade oder der erste Biergarten in Teheran « – as part of the Int. Frauen* Film Fest Dortmund+Köln and the series »ifs-Begegnung« Gender & Diversity. If you missed the exciting online event, you can still have a look here.

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26.11.2020: »An_Other« Mock-Up by Loreto Quijada

Miniature Mülheim: For her final project »An_Other«, ifs graduate Loreto Quijada (MA Digital Narratives) and artist Elise Richter have recreated a part of Cologne-Mülheim – this is to test the idea of “Street Cinemas”, in which projections are brought onto the walls of houses. More about the project at
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05.11.2020: Thomas Disch at the ifs

Laboratory atmosphere! This week Thomas Disch was a guest in the Master’s program Serial Storytelling. The fiction editor of TVNOW, the streaming service of RTL and VOX, gave the students feedback on their ideas for series, which are currently being developed in the “Writers’ Lab”. Building on a research phase, the students will test methods and strategies of innovative serial stories in practice within six weeks. They will be accompanied by Hauke Bartel (Head of Fiction, RTL Mediengruppe) and editor Thomas Disch, among others. This year, students also have a special option: to submit their serials for the TVNOW “STORYTELLERS” program. The best idea from the submissions of all film schools will be realized as TVNOW originals – with a production budget of up to 700,000 Euros.
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16.09.2020: Research Projects presentation of the MA Serial Storytelling

Research Presentation: At the start of the semester, the students of the MA Serial Storytelling presented their research on the topic “Innovation in Serial Storytelling” this week. The topics ranged from the future of the Writers’ Room in Germany to new possibilities of shaping social discourse through serial stories. They were advised in their research by the scientists* Prof. Dr. Lisa Gotto, Dr. Marion Esch, Dr. Keyvan Sarkosh and Prof. Dr. Joachim Friedmann. Please click on the pic to get further insights.

24.07.2020: MA Serial Storytelling – Writers’ Room

Last week the Writers’ Room ended for the students of the international Master’s programme Serial Storytelling – under the direction of Ulrike Molsen (German track) and Keith Cunningham (international track) the students developed three drama series projects. Please click on the pic to get further insights.

20.07.2020: Start of this year’s »Summer School Screenwriting«

Today, this year’s »Summer School Screenwriting« under the direction of showrunner and lecturer Keith Cunningham and author and co-teacher Alexander Daus starts at the ifs. In the three-week intensive course, the 10 participants will learn essential formal and industry-specific basics of screenwriting in a combination of theory and practice. Please click on the pic to get further insights.

09.07.2020: Graduation ceremony of the MA Digital Narratives

In a festive graduation ceremony yesterday, the graduates of the international Master’s program in Digital Narratives were presented with their certificates – on a small scale at the ifs. Two graduates were connected live via video, as they could not be present in person. We congratulate the graduates and wish them all the best!
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20.05.2020: Preparation of the case study »Bad Banks« with Alkioni Valsari

ifs-Insight! We are pleased to be able to welcome smaller groups of students again from this week on, in individual cases and in compliance with the hygiene protection measures, for face-to-face events at the ifs. Dramaturge Alkioni Valsari is today preparing the upcoming case study on the series »Bad Banks« with Oliver Kienle together with the students of the MA Serial Storytelling.
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27.02.2020: ifs at the reception of the film schools 2020

As part of the Berlinale 2020, the reception of the German film schools took place on Tuesday under the title »YOUNG BLOOD« at the NRW Representation. There ifs students from the Bachelor Film and MA Serial Storytelling departments presented current projects. The students Franziska Wieden, Simon Schneider and Dario Haramustek from BA Film won two of five prizes for the pitch of their final film project »Time X«. In the afternoon, a press conference on the topic of »Living gender justice at German film schools« was held with representatives of the film schools. On Tuesday morning, MA Serial Storytelling graduate Michael Griessler pitched his serial project »Amazement Park« at »Hot Contenders« as part of the Berlinale Series Market & Conference.
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14.02.2020: Final pitch of the Masterclass Non-Fiction

On February 14th, the participants of the current Masterclass Non-Fiction presented their documentary film projects, which they developed within the Masterclass, to an industry audience. The topics are manifold: violence in the family, the fight of rangers for nature conservation, »invisible« GDR art, abuse in the church, the myth of motherhood, Sheherazade’s daughters, a social construction project in focus, the long wait for the artistic breakthrough, a family secret from the 3rd Reich or the threatened loss of memory in the digital age.
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31.01.2020: Pitch and screening day at ifs

Screening day! Today, students from the bachelor’s degree program in film as well as from the master’s programs in digital narratives and serial storytelling pitch and screen current projects and new ideas.
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23.01.2020: Editing students from Brussels as guests at the ifs

RITCS meets ifs! Students of the »Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound« (RITCS) from Belgium are guests at ifs. Together with the editing class they are working on editing and sound design for a short documentary film.
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18.12.2019: First Pitch of the »MA Serial Storytelling«

The students from the Master Serial Storytelling pitched their first web series in front of a small industry audience yesterday. They developed the ideas and scripts in the first semester in joint Writers’ Rooms.

»No Sex« (Drama): Asli FilizGiovanna Boeri van der ZeeJuan Pablo Perafan Montoya & Peter Neugebauer
»Pillow Talk« (Comedy): Gülin KüllüSimon RuschmeyerIngo Kaddatz & Johannes Oschwald
»Martha« (Comedy): Christoph KrügerIsmael SandovalAnikó Mangold & Daniel Brennecke
»Twilight Years« (Crime/Thriller): Aline HochscheidJulia KlierJorge Patino & Ricardo Ortega

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09.10.: Welcome new class of the »MA 3D Animation for Films & Games«

Welcome to our website! We welcome the new vintage of the “MA 3D Animation for Film & Games”. The students come from Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, India and Nigeria. In the seminar with ifs professor Rolf Mütze they developed first ideas and characters.
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21.08.: »Summer School Screenwriting« with Keith Cunningham

Since yesterday the “Summer School Screenwriting” with Keith Cunningham (Screenwriter, Head Writer, Script Consultant) takes place at the ifs. During the three-week program, 13 prospective authors* will receive an intensive and entertaining introduction to the art of visual storytelling. Please click on the pic to get further insights.

06.07.: Final Presentation MA Serial Storytelling

Following the awarding of certificates, the graduates of the Master’s program Serial Storytelling pitched their final projects in front of an interested industry audience. The genre ranged from dramedy to neon-noir-animation to mystery thriller…
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06.-08.03: GEECT Conference »Embracing Diversity in European Film Schools«

In 2019, the ifs hosted the second part of the GEECT conference “Embracing Diversity in European Film Schools” in Cologne. In lectures and workshops, the conference focused on the question of how film schools can and should deal with topics such as cultural and social diversity, migration, demographic change and gender justice – both in research and teaching and in the cinematic work of students. After the first part of the conference at the Nederlandse Filmacademie in Amsterdam was about taking stock of European film schools, the focus of the Cologne conference was on how concrete changes can be implemented in curricula and university structures. Keynote speakers at the conference were Mark Terkessidis (author, journalist and migration researcher) and screenwriter and media artist Prof. Sylke Rene Meyer (California State University, LA).

Website of the conference:

Here you can find some impressions of the conference in Cologne:
Opening Event
 / Conference Day 1 /  Conference Day 2

Find here the link to the video for more insights (video by Thorsten Gruna).