Field Trips & Festivals of the MA Serial Storytelling

While the MA Serial Storytelling appreciates the great opportunities the media city Cologne has to offer, as well as the numerous advantages of on-site lectures and events at ifs campus, the course’s field trips are of course among the highlights of the program: In the very first week of their studies, the MA Serial Storytelling students go on a writers’ retreat in the country side. Here, the focus is on team building, creative collaboration and on discovering “stories worth telling”. In later semesters, a number of series festivals offer networking opportunities. While students are encouraged to attend these top level events on their own (with the ifs co-hosting networking meetings at all events), there is also a curricular field trip to one of the major series festivals, guided by the ifs professor for Serial Storytelling. In recent years these included trips to MIPTV in Cannes, Serié Series in Fontainebleau or Series Mania in Lille.

Here are a few insights: