Cédric Kieffer († 2019)

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Cédric Kieffer

Born in Luxembourg in 1992, Cédric received a Bachelor’s degree in »Time-based Media« at the HS Mainz and a Master’s degree in Serial Storytelling at the ifs internationale filmschule köln. Several internships gave him an insight into Broadcasting (Europe), Editing (Montage Plus), Directing (»Club der roten Bänder« / »The Red Band Society«, Bantry Bay), and Film Producing (Kontrastfilm). Cédric writes and develops commercial and series concepts for UFA Fiction, Warner Bros. Television Deuschland, Saxonia Media, and others.






»Behind every successful story, there is one important thing: characters. Only when all characters are unmistakably defined – including their strengths, weaknesses, and fears – they can become alive. It is only then that we know in which entanglements they can – and must – act.«


Graduation Project

Der Nachtgiger







Joint Projects







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The Poodle-Ripper