Fernando Alvarez


Graduate MA Serial Storytelling

Fernando is a Colombian TV director. He has worked with the Colombian Ministry of Communications on projects about Colombian heritage, science, and culture like »Expreso Colombia«, a serial format of documentary clips that celebrate and show the different cultural manifestations within the country. Internationally, he has developed new media projects at Andalucia’s University in Spain and at the Deutsche Welle in Germany.





»What happens when a man becomes his fantasy ideal? Is that really who he is? That is one of the questions that with ›Lucyfera‹ I would like to explore. And for this, I’ve chosen the drag world and underground party scene intertwined with the politics and journalism ruled by corrupted characters.
What? Too dark? Well, welcome to Lucas’s/Lucyfera’s world.«



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Manifest of Nobodies












Svenyur Tries to Get a Job