Loreto Quijada

Graduate MA Digital Narratives

Short Bio

I am a filmmaker from Chile with an editing and post-production degree. Since my film school studies, I have produced, written, and directed projects ranging from films to TV series, and have participated in advertising, promotional, and corporate content contributing from concept to delivery. Since 2016 I have been in the quest to bring both documentary and fiction stories to multiformat platforms in an attempt to revamp cinema by juxtaposing it with digital mediums. I am a director driven by an intuitive exploration of narrative techniques for unique human-focused endeavors. Mixing installation, storytelling, and a holistic personal vision and style took me from Viña del Mar to the NRW region in an exhilarating creative journey. Now, I wish to combine both worlds to ideate pluralistic out-of-the-box experiences that blur out genre frontiers and format delimitations.





Graduation Project