Matija Dragojević

Graduate MA Serial Storytelling

Resident of 2019 Canneseries Institute’s writing program, Matija Dragojevic is a Berlin based scriptwriter from Belgrade. With a BA in psychology, Matija spent several years writing/directing TV commercials before venturing into the realms of fi lms and series. He’s currently working on a number of projects and received development funding to co-write a comedy feature, »The Wedding«. Since 2015, he has been working as a reader for Sundance Institute’s Lab programs as Head of Matchbox Coproduction Lounge at the Oldenburg International Film Festival.





»The appeal of comedy, sci-fi, and fantasy comes from their effectiveness of smuggling challenging and thoughtprovoking ideas onto the screen. It’s the perfect 21st century Trojan horse – an entertaining exterior with a gut-wrenching interior.«



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