Michel Kiwic

Graduate MA Serial Storytelling

Michel Kiwic started his career in front of the TV watching the Disney Channel. Later he became a primary school teacher and got his BA in documentary fi lm, whereupon he worked at national TV in Switzerland. He made machines out of trash, learned how to drive trucks, and now obtained an MA in Serial Storytelling. He recently signed a writer‘s contract with EGMONT (Donald Duck), started his own company called »Tomorrow«, and is now producing his MA final project presented in this brochure.

»I really want to bring this concept to life, and since you are still reading this, let‘s suggest you like it, too. Great! Then don’t think twice and hit me up. Give me a call or send me an email! I am looking for all sorts of people who want to push unique and kickass animation concepts like this.«

michel(at)michelkiwic.ch | +41 78 7216571


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