Paula Bateman

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Graduate MA Serial Storytelling

Paula is a Colombian screenwriter and editor who studied Audiovisual Media with an emphasis on Film at Politécnico Grancolombiano. She worked at the Colombian production company Esparta Films S.A.S. as a video and film editor in advertising and short film productions, including several projects with Coca Cola, Adidas, L’Oreal and Mondelez. She is currently developing a drama series, a comedy web-series, and the concept for a Japanese manga-styled graphic novel series.

»Creativity is humanity’s greatest gift. And we, as writers, have the biggest privilege of all: creating new realities and changing the existing narratives. ›But really, really … It was your storytelling. That is the true flower of free will, at least as you’ve mastered it so far. When you create stories, you become gods of tiny, intricate dimensions unto themselves.‹« (Metatron, Supernatural)




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