Lecturers by Department


Thomas Franke

Studied ethnology, international law and philosophy at the University of Cologne. He worked as a concept designer and developer at Sony Europe, Amazon.com Seattle, and MetaDesign in Berlin. 2004 he participated in the UFA Series School. Afterwards he worked as a writer, editor, concept developer and format developer for various production companies, including UFA Serial Drama, UFA Fiction, Bavaria, and Constantin Entertainment in pre-primetime and primetime series. In 2007 his screenplay »Trust.Wohltat« (ZDF Das Kleine Fernsehspiel) was nominated for the Prix Europe in the category »best screenplay«.
His show »Im Auge des Orkans« won first prize in the 3rd MinTIFF competition as »best series concept« (co-writers Jonas Baur and Kathrin Wüst), and his screenplay »Pizza Kabul« (currently in production as »Malika«) won the German Screenplay Award in 2014.
His current film project »Mission« (Chromosom-Film Berlin), which received funding from BKM, deals with religion, universal values and colonialism. Thomas Franke lives and works in Berlin.

Ulrike Franke

Studied theater, film and television studies, romance languages and art history at the University of Cologne. 1992 Training grant from the Filmstiftung NRW in the field of directing. 1996 Founded the film production company »loekenfranke« (together with Michael Loeken). Since 1998 she has been working as a writer, director and producer, and since 2005 also as a lecturer. In recent years, she has created video installations in collaboration with Schauspiel Bochum and the internationally active theater group Rimini Protokoll, among others. Her films attract international attention and have received numerous awards at home and abroad (including Best Film Award, Hot Docs Toronto; Best Film Award, One World, Prague; Grimme Award; German Film Award nomination…). Since 2017 she is professor for documentary film (auteur film) at the KHM in Cologne.

Georg Graffe

Studied philosophy and history at the universities of Mainz and Edinburgh. From 1987 to 2009 he worked as a writer and director at the production company IFAGE Filmproduktion in Wiesbaden. He was responsible for numerous TV documentaries as a writer and director, including several episodes of the ZDF series »TERRA X« (Das Geheimnis der Bundeslade, Lawrence von Arabien, Das Geraubte Gold Jahwes, Das Geheimnis von Rennes-le-Chateau, Die Nibelungen, 2013/2014). In addition, several episodes of the ZDF series »Imperium« and »Bibelrätsel« and the ARD series »2000 Jahre Christentum« and »Schauplätze der Weltkulturen«. In 2009, he moved to ZDF. Since October 2012, he has been head of the »Terra X« editorial department.

Olaf Grunert

Studied at universities in Germany, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. Began working for ZDF in the mid-1980s, initially in the main entertainment department, before moving to the main editorial department for theater and music as an editor in 1987. In 1990 he became deputy head of the central department of HR Culture and Science. When preparations for the European culture channel ARTE got underway in 1991, he was appointed there with responsibility for cultural documentaries. In January 2005, he moved to ARTE headquarters in Strasbourg, where I also headed the themed evenings department. In January 2010, he became head of the newly established editorial department Program Development and Focuses. He is also one of eight voting members of the monthly ARTE Programming Conference. From 2002 to 2006, he was head of the Documentary Program Group within the EBU. Producer for (a.o).: »The Team« (2015), »Iran im Herzen« (2016), »Welcome All Sexes: 30 Teddy Awards« (2016).

Andreas Gutzeit

Andreas Gutzeit is Chief Creative Officer of Story House Media Group and General Manager of Story House Pictures Inc. He is responsible for coordinating international project development sales and new media activities, and oversees development, production and sales for the group’s fiction division. Andreas Gutzeit began his career at ABC News, where he worked with Peter Jennings on Prime Time Live, Nightline and World News. A co-founder of Story House Productions, award-winning writer, producer and director, Andreas Gutzeit has produced and directed numerous series and specials for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS, CourtTV/TruTV, Channel 4 (UK), ZDF, ProSieben and others.

Friederike Haedecke

She has worked for many years as a television editor at ZDF and has written numerous non-fiction books on contemporary and cultural history. As an editor or author, she was responsible for series such as »Superbauten«, »Die Deutschen« oder »Deutschland von oben«. Her documentaries have received high-ranking awards, including the »Emmy« and the »Golden Magnolia«. The documentary series »Supertiere«, for which she was responsible as author, received the »Golden Camera« in 2010. In 2019, she received the »German Television Award« for the series »The Journey of Mankind«. Since October 2017, Friederike Haedecke has been head of the editorial department of »Terra X«.

Alexander von Harling

Alexander von Harling is head of the »Wissen« department at ARTE and has many years of experience in TV and multimedia program development. Since January 2012, Alexander von Harling has been head of the digital channel EinsPlus. In this role, he contributed to the development and coordination of new multimedia program content for ARD and ZDF. He is a graduate of the German School of Journalism in Munich. In 1998, he joined Südwestrundfunk as a radio journalist. In 2000, he took over the position of chief of staff, then editorial director of the TV programs »ARD-Buffet« and »Kaffee oder Tee«.

Alexander Hesse

Managing Director Group 5 Cologne, studied journalism, political science and business administration in Frankfurt am Main and Manz. Since 1996 he has worked for ZDF in various capacities, most recently (from 2006 to fall 2012) as head of the History and Society editorial department, where he was responsible for the major documentary and reportage series, primarily on Sunday evenings (»Terra X«, »Sphinx«, »Schliemanns Erben«, »Mission X«), as well as the »37°« broadcast series. In October 2012, he moved to Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion as managing director. He is currently initiating new project ideas and realizing programs. Currently in production are for example »Hamburger Hafen –Gigant des Nordens«, »Schlafende Riesen – Vulkane«, together with the BBC »The Celts« as well as a continuation of »Supertalent Mensch«. Recently completed programs include »Terra X: Unsere Städte« and »Die Geschichte des Essens – with Christian Rach«.

Christiane Hinz

Studied economics, political science, romance studies and Ibero-American history at the University of Cologne. In 2002, she moved to NDR in Hamburg. As an editor in the ARTE editorial department, she was responsible for numerous award-winning documentaries, theme nights, a youth magazine and also a music magazine with Ray Cokes. At WDR she is editorially responsible for documentaries for »Doku am Freitag«, WDR-dok, docu-series (e.g.: »Anfänger in Weiß«) as well as documentaries for Das Erste. Responsible for (a.o.): »Deutsche Dynastien« (2003 – 2016), »Mahlzeit, Deutschland!« (2009), »Vorfahren gesucht« (2006 – 2014), »Meine Kindheit« (2010/2011), »Legenden« (2010), »Deutschland, deine Künstler« (2010), »Tiananmen – 20 Jahre nach dem Massaker« (2009), »Die Anwälte« (2009), »Chinas Größenwahn am Yangtse« (2008). Among others, there were national and international awards such as the Adolf Grimme Award, the German Television Award, the AIB Award, the Phoenix Documentary Award and many more. Since September 1, 2012, she has been head of WDR’s program group »Society and Documentary«.

Leopold Hösch

Leopold Hoesch is a German film producer, Emmy award winner and founder of the film production company Broadview TV GmbH. Since its founding in 1999, Broadview TV has been active in the fields of contemporary history, current affairs and culture for television stations and theatrical distribution. The production company is involved in the work of ZDF-Zeitgeschichte, as well as producer of the ARD series »Deutsche Dynastien« and the 3sat and ZDFtheaterkanal series 7Theaterlandschaften« with Esther Schweins. In addition to numerous TV documentaries, Broadview TV also produced the cinema documentaries »Klitschko« (2011) and »Nowitzki – Der perfekte Wurf« (2014) under the »Broadview Pictures« label. Broadview TV also develops and shoots information and image films for companies and institutions, which include the German Foreign Office and the European Union. Broadview TV is managed by Leopold Hösch. In addition to being a member of the advisory board of the German Biography Channel, Leopold Hoesch represents the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as an ambassador in Germany. Together with Guido Knopp (ZDF Zeitgeschichte), Leopold Hoesch and Sebastian Dehnhardt won the International Emmy Award in 2005 for the production »Das Drama von Dresden«. Documentaries for (a.o.): »Mildred Scheel – Die First Lady und der Kampf gegen den Krebs« (2015), »Klitschko« (2011), »Nowitzki – Der perfekte Wurf«, (2014), »Das Wunder von Leipzig« (2009), »Das verflixte dritte Tor« (2006), »Das Drama von Dresden« (2005), »Das Wunder von Bern« (2004).

Marita Hübinger

Head of the editorial department »Wissen/ARTE« in the directorate. Studied German language and literature, book studies, comparative literature in Bonn and Mainz. From 1992-1995 she was editorial director of the culture magazine »Kultra«, from 1995 to 2001 she was a member of the editorial staff of »Kulturzeit«, most recently responsible for special programs, documentaries and program focuses. From 2001-2004 she was head of the ZDF editorial department »Service täglich«, from 2003-2008 Hübinger was editor of the literature program »Lesen!«. From 2004 -2008, Hübinger headed the editorial department of »Abenteuer Wissen« and was a member of the editorial team of »Die Vorleser« from 2009-2010. From 2004 to 2010 she was a member of the jury of the Heureka Journalist Award.

Ann Julienne

Head of »International Development France Télévisions«. She joined the TV industry in 1985 after starting to work for French indie producer/distributor »Télé Images«. In 1994, she was hired as a member of the start-up team at »La Cinquième«, France’s first public education and knowledge channel. Now known as France 5, one of the five channels of the »Groupe France Télévisions« also includes France 2 and France 3. From »France 5« (the leading channel of documentaries in the field of public television in France), she was procurement manager and head of international co-productions. In this role, in addition to the numerous co-productions she commissioned, she initiated important development co-production agreements with major broadcasters around the world. In June 2009, Ann Julienne was appointed Head of International Development at »France Télévisions«. In this position, she advises »non-French« producers on how to approach French TV channels with their documentary projects.

Prof. Mika Kallwass

Mika Kallwass studied directing at the National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield near London. She started her filmmaking career in London with music videos and documentaries for Channel 4. After her return to Germany she made a feature film for cinema and TV for ZDF. In 1995 she was participant of the first cohort of the Schreibschule Köln e.V., a forerunner of ifs’ “Screenwriters’ Program”. In 2001 she received a scholarship for screenwriting and directing at Columbia University in New York, where she studied with Nora Ephron, James Schamus, and Mike Hausmann. Mika Kallwass works as a freelance screenwriter and script consultant in Germany. Since 2017 she holds the professorship for Screenwriting and Dramaturgy at ifs internationale filmschule köln.

Prof. Uwe Kersken

Graduate psychologist and psychotherapist, since 1985 producer, author and director of documentary films and series as well as docu-dramas mainly in the fields of history, science and nature for German and international television.
From 1970 until 982 he worked for WDR, including in the »Tagesschau« editorial department. From the beginning to the end of 1980 he also worked as a film sound engineer on location. In 1985 he founded the »Uwe Kersken-Filmproduktion«. In 1989, he co-founded »Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion« and was its managing partner until April 2014. With documentary primetime formats for ARD, ZDF, ARTE and international partners, Uwe Kersken and »Gruppe 5« have also made a name for themselves internationally. Especially important and successful were »The Forgotten Island« for BBC & WDR, and ARTE, »Die amerikanische Reise« (Humboldt) for ZDF, also WDR & ARTE and BBC, »Die Juden, Geschichte eines Volkes« for ARD & ARTE, 20 parts »Die Deutschen« for ZDF, »Sturm über Europa« for ZDF & ARTE, »Die Varusschlacht« for ZDF & ARTE, »2057 – Die Welt in 50 Jahren« for ZDF, Discovery, Science Channel, ARTE, SBS, Sogecable & NHK, »Welcome to China« (10 episodes; History of China) for ZDF, Nat Geo, Discovery, ARTE, »Armageddon – Der Einschlag« for ZDF, Discovery & France 2, »Dawn of the Oceans« for National Geographic & ZDF, »America Before Columbus« for National Geographic US and ZDF, »Planet Egypt« for History, NY, ARTE and ZDF, as well as the major series »Fabeltiere« for Canal+, ARD and Nat Geo and »Delphingeschichten« for ARD & Discovery, and docu-dramas about »Adenauer« for SWR, WDR and »Strauss« for BR.
At the ifs, Uwe Kersken initiated and conceived the »Masterclass Non-Fiction« training program in 2009 and, as program sponsor, is significantly involved in the further development of the program and the supervision of the participants.
In 2014, he launched »G5fiction« with ZDF-Enterprises. With »G5fiction«, Uwe Kersken is responsible for the development, financing, production and exploitation of high-quality, original drama programs with national and international market potential, including »Duell der Brüder«, RTL and »Goldjungs«, WDR & Degeto. In the financing phase are: The Nibelungs, La Légion, Alexander the Great, Ellis Island, Radio Cold War.

Elina Kewitz

Managing Director / Sales & Acquisitions of New Docs. NEW DOCS is an independent distribution business based in Cologne/Germany. We are specialized in high-quality documentaries that have been produced for the international market. We offer a selected portfolio of one-offs and series from the fields of history, science, current affairs, human interest, culture, art, travel and natural history.

Prof. Günther Klein

Author, director, theologian and journalist; from 1991 to 2006 Editorial Director of the International Film and Television Agency IFAGE. Director for (a.o.): »Geschichte der Schönheit« (two episodes, 2013), »Die Dreigroschenoper« (2012), »Franz Liszt – Die späten Jahre« (2011), »Imperium« (11 episodes, 2004 – 2011), »Giganten« (2007), various episodes of »ZDF Expedition«.

Michael Kloft

After studying political science (1983-89), he worked as a freelance writer for contemporary history television documentaries for Chronos-Film in Berlin (including . »Der Nürnberger Prozeß – Ein Gerichtsdrama« for ARTE) and Spiegel TV. In 1992, he worked as assistant director to Heinrich Breloer on the television film »Wehner – Die unerzählte Geschichte«. Since 1995, Michael Kloft has been creating contemporary history features, reports and documentaries for Spiegel TV. For fifteen years, he has worked hard to track down extraordinary color footage from the Third Reich and World War II eras and prepare it for TV viewers in Germany. The result is a series of documentaries that have been very well received, especially by younger viewers, and have been broadcasted in many countries around the world. His two-part film »Welche Farbe hat der Krieg – Deutschland 1945« was nominated for the Adolf Grimme Award in 1996 – as the only TV contribution on the 50th anniversary of the end of the war. In 1997, his documentary »Hitlers Hehler – Die Schweizer Banken und das Nazigold« caused a sensation and was awarded the bronze medal at the 1998 New York Festival. His reportage »Rosinenbomber über Berlin – 50 Jahre Luftbrücke« was commended by the jury of the Hans Klein Television Prize in the same year. Director for (a.o.): : »1945: Amsterdam – Der Völkermord« (12 episodes, 2015), »1945: 12 Städte, 12 Schicksale« (2015).

Ulrich Klugius

Head of Development at infoNetwork GmbH. As the journalistic production subsidiary of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, infoNetwork GmbH supplies all of the group’s channels with news, magazine and infotainment formats. The spectrum ranges from investigative reports like »Team Wallraff« to daily and weekly news and magazines like »RTL aktuell« »Punkt 12«, »Exklusiv«, »Extra«, »Prominent« and »VOX-News« to entertaining info formats like »Die 10«, »I like…« and »Life – Dumm gelaufen«. In 2012, he became editorial director of his RTL »Heimatredaktion« Explosiv and in 2015 also temporarily headed the editorial department of »Magazin Spezial«. Since February 2016, he has been in charge of format development and, as Content & Business Manager, is also coordinator of the exchange between the media group’s marketing units and the infoNetwork

Matthias Kremin

He successfully completed his music studies at the Cologne University of Music in 1988. He also studied musicology at the Free University of Berlin from 1986. Since 1984 he has worked as a freelance author and presenter for WDR as well as for SFB and Hessischer Rundfunk. In 1990 he started as a permanent editor in the music program department of the WDR regional studio in Bielefeld. In 1992, he moved to the Broadcasting Management and Central Tasks Department, where he was, among other things, editorial director of the media show »Parlazzo« and helped develop the talk show »B.trifft«. In 1997, he was then reassigned to the Culture and Science Television program area as part of a change in the program scheme. Kremin currently holds the position of coordinator in the Society and Documentation program group, which belongs to the Culture and Science program area. In addition to this role, he has developed various documentary series, including »Die Besten im Westen« and »NRW-Dynastien, and has overseen WDR’s contributions to the ARD series »Legenden« and »Deutschland, Deine Künstler«. He is regularly responsible for special documentaries such as the recent »So viel lebst Du« about the traces that every human being leaves on the earth in the course of his or her life, or Sönke Wortmann’s World Cup 2006 film »Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen«. He also presents cultural programs on the radio stations WDR 3 and WDR 5, such as the current culture magazine »Scala«.

Jutta Krug

Jutta Krug has been responsible for documentary film at WDR since 2005, continuing a great tradition at the station. Her professional career has been shaped by her many years of working for ARTE. As an editor and reporter from the very beginning, she worked in Strasbourg for eight years before moving to Cologne to join the ARTE editorial team at WDR. There she developed theme nights and various documentary formats. A graduate of the German School of Journalism with studies in Munich and scholarship stays in Paris (Sorbonne) and Washington (US Congress), she is involved with EURODOC and the European Documentary Network (EDN). Documentaries from her editorial team are regularly represented at all major festivals and have received numerous awards, including the European and German Film Awards. Known for (a.o.): »Der Kuaför aus der Keupsstraße« (2015), »Nice Places to Die« (2015), »Im Keller« (2014), »Heimweh nach den Sternen« (2010), »Kinshasa Symphony – Ein klassisches Orchester im Kongo« (2010).

Michael Loeken

Author, director, producer. Projects (a.o.): »Göttliche Lage – Eine Stadt erfindet sich neu« (2014), »Losers and Winners« (2006, Best Film Award One World 07), »Soldatenglück und Gottes Segen« (2003, Nomination German Film Award), »Herr Schmidt und Herr Friedrich« (2001, Audience Award Festival of German Cinema).

Dr. Markus Nievelstein

Studied history, politics and musicology in Bonn, Paris and Bochum from 1982 to 1991 and earned a doctorate in economic history at the Ruhr University in Bochum. From 1978 on, he worked as a freelance journalist. Since 2001, he has been head of the »Aktuelles« program group at WDR’s Düsseldorf broadcasting center. In 2013, he took over as head of the main knowledge department at the Franco-German culture channel ARTE. He was elected by the General Assembly on the proposal of WDR Director of Television Verena Kulenkampff and Helfried Spitra, Head of the Main Department of Program Management at WDR and WDR delegate to the ARTE General Assembly. In his new position, he will be responsible for the historical and natural science program offerings as well as the children’s program. In addition, he will be largely responsible for the further development of the station’s Internet presence.

Carsten Oblaender

Managing Director of Story House Media Group, Producer, Director. As Managing Director of Story House Media Group, he oversees the management of Story House Media Group operations and serves as General Manager of Story House Productions Inc. He has produced and directed numerous series and specials for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS, TruTV, ZDF, ProSieben and others. As part of Discovery’s launch of 3D channel 3NET, he produced and directed »STORY HOUSE« first 3D special: »Aufstieg der Quallen« (2011). He received Emmy nominations for the History Channel program »Countdown to Ground Zero« (2006) and »Die Cole-Verschwörung« (2005), as well as the one for the National Geographic Channel special, »Heiliger Krieg Inc.« (2001), which he directed, wrote and produced himself. He directed, among others: »Forbidden« (2013), »Copycat Killers« (13 episodes, 2016).

Josef van Ooyen

Editor and cutter in Cologne. Films (a.o.): »Planet Deutschland – 300 Millionen Jahre« (2012-2014), 2005-2006 »Minik« (2005-2006), »Freispiel« (1993-1995).

Agnes Ostrop

Media trainer and communications consultant for top executives from business and society. She received her journalistic training at the renowned Henri-Nannen-School in Hamburg. She then took over the moderation and editorial management of a daily magazine program at RTL and today holds a responsible position in the RTL program management. She learned her communication psychology from Friedemann Schulz von Thun in Hamburg and at the Institute for Systemic Consulting in Wiesloch. Agnes Ostrop trained as an oratorio singer at the Folkwang Academy of Music in Essen.

Charlie Parsons

Brown University graduate and Vice President of Global Development and Production for National Geographic Channel, responsible for development and production of new formats as well as series and specials. He oversees series such as »Rocket City Rednecks«, »Knights of Mayhem«, »Wild Justice«, »Taboo« und »Doomsday Preppers«. Previously, he was senior director of Travel Channel Media. During his tenure, he produced more than 200 hours of programming, including some of the station’s most successful shows, including the Emmy-winning series »Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations« (2008 – 2009). Previously, he worked at Discovery Channel and The Science Channel. He started his career as a producer of sports broadcasts at ESPN, ABC and CBS. He produced for (a.o.): »Tom Hanks: The Lincoln Conspiracy« (2013), »Survivor« (producer of 2 episodes and writer of 446 episodes, 2000-2016).

Jan Peter

Film and opera director, author and showrunner. His best-known works include the documentary drama series »Krieg der Träume« and »14 – Tagebücher des Ersten Weltkriegs«, the documentary feature films »Krieg der Träume«, the docudrama »Die geheime Inquisition« and the documentary »Der Rebell«.

Ulrike Pfeiffer

Film director, artist. She completed an apprenticeship as a photographer with Siegfried Wack in Cologne and studied artistic photography at the University of Applied Sciences for Art and Design in Cologne from 1974 to 1978. From 1979 to 1984 she studied film at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. In addition to working as a cinematographer and photographer, she realized her own films as a director and producer in 8mm, Super-8, 16mm, 35mm and video. She is a guest lecturer for film at the TU Hamburg-Harburg and the colleges of fine arts in Bremen and Hamburg and since 2009 on the board of Cinegraph – Hamburgisches Centrum für Filmforschung e. V.. Director for (a.o.): »Werner Nekes – Das Leben zwischen den Bildern« (2017)«, »Rokoko« (1997).

Dr. Tilman Remme

Writer, director and producer; managing director of Picture Films Ltd., London; many years of activity for BBC. Projects include: »Bible Hunters« (2014), »Inside the Gangsters Code« (2013), »Gefangen in Peking – Aufstand der Boxer« (2008), »Legend of the Crystal Skulls« (2008), »The Beijing Siege of 1900« (2008), »Hunt for the Double Eagle« (2007), »Blackbeard, the Real Pirate of the Caribbean« (2006).

Carl-Ludwig Rettinger

Together with Martin Heisler and Joachim Ortmanns, Carl-Ludwig Rettinger founded LICHTBLICK MEDIA GmbH in 2008. Since 2011, Martin Heisler has been the sole shareholder and managing director. LICHTBLICK MEDIA promotes the development of content for national and international film and television productions as well as in the field of feature films and documentaries. The spectrum of productions ranges from arthouse cinema to entertaining public films. LICHTBLICK MEDIA is a reliable and creative mediator between authors, directors and editors, event organizers, distributors and international partners. Carl-Ludwig Rettinger was producer for (a.o.): »Die Böhms: Architektur einer Familie« (2014) and »Die Hüter der Tundra« (2013).

Simone Reuter

Simone Reuter is editor of the SWR cultural documentary and co-author of the book »Kunst für Einsteiger« by Rolf Schlenker. The book, which was written in collaboration with the innovative filmmaker Schlenker, is Reuter’s first book publication. At SWR, she is particularly interested in topics from the classic cultural genres – literature, theater, visual arts – but also pop culture, fashion and lifestyle. Her broadcast series »Kulturdokumentation« is dedicated to simplifying complex issues and presenting them in a contemporary way. Simone Reuter also works on film productions outside the series. For example, she supported the production of the film »Solitude«, a documentary that questions what actually makes an artist an artist and what it means to lead a life as an artist.

Jörn Röver

He is an expert for nature and wildlife films. In 2010, Jörn Röver was appointed Managing Director of Studio Hamburg DocLights GmbH. Under his leadership, the two most recent successful cinema documentaries were »Serengeti« and »Russland – Im Reich der Tiger, Bären und Vulkane«. From 2001 – 2010 he was head of NDR Naturfilm at Studio Hamburg; regular collaborations with (a.o.): BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel; part-time managing director of DOKfilm; since 2001 over 150 awards worldwide, including the so-called »Tierfilm-Oskars« (Wildscreen 2008 and Jackson Hole 2009). Productions of NDR Naturfilm for (a.o.): »Universum« (12 episodes, 2014), »Wildes Deutschland« (6 episodes, 2014, »Die Nordsee – Unser Meer« (2013), »Das grüne Wunder – Unser Wald« (2012), »Wildes Deutschland« (3 episodes, 2011), »Jaguar – Heimliche Jäger hautnah« (2011), »Wildes Russland« (7 episodes, 2009), »Mythos Wald« (2 episodes, 2009), »Expedition Neu-Guinea« (3 episodes, 2009), »Das Abenteuer der Eisbärkinder« (2 episodes,2008), »Knut und seine Freunde« (2008), »Leopard, Seebär und Co, Zoo Hagenbeck« (40 episodes,2008), »Die größten Wasserfälle der Erde« (2007).

Ralf Rückauer

After completing his studies in film and television at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Ralf Rückauer initially worked as a junior creative producer at Gemini/Colon Filmproduktion in Cologne from 1997. In 1999, he moved to the editorial department of »Das kleine Fernsehspiel« at ZDF, where he headed the format development lab »quantum«. Since 2003 Ralf Rückauer has been working for ZDF Enterprises, first as Project Manager Sales and Investments with a focus on documentaries, then as Sales Manager for sales in German-speaking territories and Central and Eastern Europe. In January 2012 he was appointed Head of Sales for full programs and in January 2013 Head of Division ZDFE.factual. Since January 2018, Ralf Rückauer has headed the ZDFE.unscripted division, which resulted from a merger of ZDFE.factual and ZDFE.entertainment. In February 2019, following the acquisition of Off The Fence by ZDF Enterprises, Ralf Rückauer was appointed Managing Director of Off The Fence alongside founder Ellen Windemuth.

Barbara Schepanek

Editor Bayerischer Rundfunkt (BR). Was a film and TV writer for WDR in 1994 – 1995. After her time as a reporter for BR until 1998, she worked as a TV journalist and finally has been an editor for ARD and 3sat since 2016.

Stefan Schneider

After training as an actor, classical and modern dancer in London, Cologne and Paris, he lived and worked in Paris from 1983 to 1992, where he danced in various contemporary dance companies, as well as the Paris Opera. Since 1990 he works as a writer and director for film and television. Since 1998 he has been collaborating with Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion. Since the beginning of 2007 Stefan Schneider is head of the Science & Factual department of Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion.

Dr. Claudia Schreiner

Studied history, political science and archaeology in Cologne and New York. After receiving her doctorate, she worked for ZDF, RIAS TV Berlin, SFB and, from 1994, MDR Fernsehens. From September 2000 to May 2001, she was program director for radio and television at Radio Bremen. As of June 2001, Dr. Claudia Schreiner has been head of the culture/science program area at MDR Fernsehen

Don Schubert

Studied law at the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg and worked as a presenter and freelance journalist between 1980 and 2004, including at Radio NRW. Since 1995 he has been a writer for cinema and television films, and from 2002 to 2007 he was a lecturer in screenwriting at the University of Cologne. He became known for his scripts for various TV productions, including a crime series with Mariele Millowitsch (»Die Stimmen«, »Untreu« and »Gestern warst Du still«) directed by Rainer Matsutani, as well as dramaturgical consultant for the ZDF series »Die Deutschen« and co-author of »2057 – Die Welt in 50 Jahren«. Initially working primarily for private television, the author now works almost exclusively for public broadcasters. Films made mainly in collaboration with ZDF include: »Der Mörder meines Vaters« (director: Urs Egger), »Das Duo: Liebestod« (director: Jörg Grünler), »Partnertausch« (director: Thorsten Schmidt), »Lautlose Morde« (director: Jörg Grünler) and the episode »Das Meer der Tränen« of the series »Unter Verdacht«.

Kay Siering

Kay Siering is the producer in charge of the »Ko- und Auftragsproduktionen« department at SPIEGEL TV. He studied political science, history and journalism at the University of Hamburg and at Harvard University in the USA. Even then, he worked as an author and presenter for SPIEGEL TV, among others. Since 2003, Siering has been creating reports and documentaries for SPIEGEL TV, especially in the area of »Ko- und Auftragsproduktionen«. As a producer, he is responsible for the production of broadcast series and documentaries for public and private TV stations in Germany as well as international co-productions. Since November 2010, Siering has hosted the SPIEGEL TV magazine as a substitute for Maria Gresz. Since March 1, 2014, Siering has been deputy editor-in-chief of SPIEGEL TV.

Andrew Solomon

Consultant for documentary co-productions and events: Scriptwriter and author at »Mandolin Productions« in Paris. Since 2011 editorial director »Naturfilm und Wissenschaft« of the ORF. Producer for (a.o.): »Universum« (53 episodes, 2011 – 2016).

Michael Souvignier

Studied as a photo-film designer and graduated in 1984. Shortly after completing his studies, he founded the film production company Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH in 1985.

Gregor Streiber

Producer and author »werwiewas Filmproduktion«, Berlin. Director Public Affairs and Team Lead Media and Technology, based in Berlin. Previously, he studied law at the Free University of Berlin and worked for several years as an in-house producer for a Berlin TV production company. Gregor Streiber supervises werwiewas productions from the idea to completion and also works as a TV writer himself.

Kai Sturm

In recent years, he has been a highly successful editor-in-chief at Vox, bringing the channel hits like »Sing meinen Song« and »Die Höhle der Löwen«, but moved to RTL in mid-February 2019. Here, the 58-year-old will head the Entertainment division together with Markus Küttner, previously RTL’s Head of Real Life & Comedy. He had started six months earlier as executive producer for the Cologne-based broadcaster. His career in the media began at WDR radio and as a presenter and music editor at Radio Belcanto in Munich. He gained his first TV show experience in 1990 at Reg Grundy Productions in Munich, followed by three years as editor and then producer at RTL in Cologne. Kai Sturm then moved to Endemol Entertainment in Cologne and Hilversum as Executive Producer, becoming Head of Entertainment Development there in 1996. In 1998, Kai Sturm moved again to RTL and worked as Executive Producer at RTL Television. In January 2000, he founded the RTL affiliate Stormy Entertainment GmbH in Hürth as shareholder and managing director. After leaving RTL in March 2004, Kai Sturm was Executive Producer at Constantin Entertainment GmbH in Ismaning until the end of 2005.

Markus Templin

Head of Entertainment / Show at ZDF Digital Medienproduktion GmbH. Vita: Executive Producer, Spiegel Tv Produktion GmbH, Head of Show Mme Entertainment GmbH, Executive Producer and Team Leader and Head of Editorial and Show Department ZDF. Studies: 1993-1997 at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

Christina Trebbi

Studied history in Zurich and Florence and graduated with an MA in 2000. She then worked as a freelancer for »heute-journal« and for the History and Society department at ZDF. 2001-2006 she worked for Gero von Boehm in Berlin, as a writer and director of documentaries and reportages. For the independent Italian channel »La7«, she regularly produced news from Germany. Since 2006, she has been writing and shooting for Gruppe5 Filmproduktion in Cologne. From 2010 she started to develop series and specials for Gruppe 5, especially regarding development orders from National Geographic Channel, USA. She was author for, among others: »Terra X« (2014/2015), »Frauen die Geschichte machten« (2 episodes, 2013).

Marcus Vetter

Editor SWR, documentary filmmaker, multiple Grimme Award winner. After completing his studies with a focus on European Business Management with a diploma, Vetter began working as a trainee at the production company Bavaria Film in Munich and graduated in 1994 after completing postgraduate studies in media science and practice at the University of Tübingen. From 1994 he worked as a freelance editor, writer and director at SDR in Stuttgart, moving to SWR in Baden-Baden in 1998 to work as a freelance documentary filmmaker for culture and society. Since 1997 he also realizes his own film projects as director and producer. Vetter’s TV documentary »Der Tunnel« (1999) received the Grimme Award. For the second time, Vetter received the Grimme Award jointly for his film »Wo das Geld wächst« (2000) and again for »Broadway Bruchsal« (2001). After completing his cinema documentary »Das Herz von Jenin« (2008), Vetter founded the association »Cinema Jenin e. V.«, which aims to rebuild the cinema in Jenin in the West Bank, which has been closed since 1987. In »The Court« (2013) he portrayed the International Criminal Court in The Hague and its chief prosecutor Ocampo. »In The Forecaster« (2015), he documented the career of Martin A. Armstrong, who in the early 1980s developed a computer model to predict turning points in the world economy.

Dr. Thomas Weymar

Scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation at the Free University of Berlin, studied political science, history and philosophy, followed by a doctorate. Lecturer and study leader at various youth and adult education institutions as well as working as a research assistant at the TU Berlin. Freelance science journalist for magazines and Sender Freies Berlin. Consultant for the Bertelsmann Foundation. ARD consultant to the director of Hessischer Rundfunk. Since 1992 authorized signatory of Telepool GmbH, since 1999 managing director. Since 2012 co-managing director of Global Screen GmbH. Since 2019 private citizen.

Dr. Katja Wildermuth

Head of Culture and Documentaries at NDR’s Program Directorate Television. Katja Wildermuth was born in Berlin. She studied German, history and social studies in Munich. After passing her state exams, she began teaching at the Institute for Ancient History at Ludwig Maximilian University in 1990, where she also earned her doctorate. From 1994, she worked as a permanent freelance writer for MDR, including for the political magazine »Fakt« and the daily magazine program »Brisant« on the German public broadcaster Ersten. In 2001, MDR hired Katja Wildermuth as a current affairs editor. Since 2004, she has been head of the history and documentary editorial department in Leipzig and is MDR’s deputy head of programming for history, society and nature.