Prof. Ruth Olshan

Prof. Ruth Olshan

Ruth Olshan was born in Russia and grew up in Israel and Berlin. She studied directing and film production in Leeds (UK) and Cologne. Today she lives in Germany and works as a freelance director and screenwriter for feature films and documentaries. Ruth Olshan has received numerous awards and scholarships such as the »Sir Richard Attenborough Prize«, the »Prize for Women Artists in North Rhine-Westphalia«, the »Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Prize« and the »Deutscher Fernsehpreis«. Her films have been shown at international festivals such as Venice, Locarno, Munich, Tbilisi, Berlin, and Oberhausen. Since 2018 she also holds the professorship for Documentary Narratives in Audiovisual Media at ifs internationale filmschule köln.

FILMOGRAPHY / catalogue bibliography (Selection)

2020 Himbeeren mit Senf 2019 Immergrün (novel) 2018 Bo – Life Is Sheep (animation film in progress) 2018 Himbeeren mit Senf (cinema children’s film in financing) 2017 Shugar Shock (cinema documentary film in progress, co-directed) 2017 Swimmingpool am Golan (cinema documentary film, co-director) 2017 Was vom Himmel fällt (kids film in progress) 2017 Ich gehöre ihm (TV film, co author) 2017 Aufbruch in die Freiheit (TV film, co author) (Hamburger Produzentenpreis 2019, nomination: Grimme-Preis 2019, nomination: Goldene Kamera 2019) 2016 All die schönen Dinge (novel, Verlag Friedrich Oetinger) 2015 Die Sache mit der Liebe und den Flügeln (Roman, Boje Verlag) 2014 Hilft nur küssen (feature film) 2009 Nicht ganz koscher (cinema documentary film) 2008 Was ist koscher für Dich? (interactive film installation, Jewish Museum Berlin) 2007 Mädchenwelten (Art and media project, Berlin Senate) 2005 Wie Luft zum Atmen (cinema documentary film) 2003 Savannah (cinema feature film) 2002 Tanz der Saris (documentary film) 2000 Der Handstand (shortfilm)


»We filmmakers are storytellers. We shape our stories and our stories shape us. Working in documentary necessitates very good preparation in order to be able to make narrative decisions in the moment. Knowledge of the film-narrative crafts is essential. Another important aspect of the program is working together with the students to explore, understand and develop working methods. Bringing these two aspects of film work together – filmmaking skill and mastery on the one hand, and personal development on the other – has always been at the core of my teaching work. From the initial idea to the final product, making a film requires stamina, reflection, and a good sense of humour.«


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