Graduation Screenplay by Aylin Alici
Screenplay for feature film | drama/female buddy movie | approx. 90 min.

Lou is 25 years old and has had a secret for years. The large scar on her cheek isn’t. After all, she’s had it since childhood. Her anger management issues aren’t either. You can always see her scurrying into the elevator or the bathroom to scream out loud. Her difficult relationship with her mother Marie, who works at the same theater her, isn’t a secret either. How can anyone blame her, since her mother constantly conveys that she’s not good enough? Nor is it the fact that she turned down the offer to be the lead costume designer for this year’s performance because of this. No, word got out very quickly on all floors. Her secret has long white hair, perfect timing and is called Juna. Her childhood friend who always comes to visit at the right moment. As usual, she settles in with Lou and helps her to get back on her feet. It seems as if they were never apart. Juna motivates her to make a dress that even ends up getting her a new job. Far away from her mother, who already suspects that Juna is back in her daughter’s life. Marie, in fact, can’t stand Juna. Every day she is reminded of her. By the scar, which resulted from an argument about Juna back in the day. Lou and Juna can’t help it. They merge with each other. But when Juna suddenly accuses her of still seeking her mother’s validation, everything happens very quickly. Juna is lying in the bathtub. Lifeless and strangled. Lou is sitting on top of her. Panicked and calm at the same time. And wonders: „Is it really murder if she only exists in my imagination?“