Graduation screenplay by Dorian Dubel
Screenplay for feature film | Drama | approx. 90 min

Kuba is in prison and will soon be released. He still can’t come to terms with his crime: he has beaten his ex-girlfriend Marina until she ended up in the hospital. Kuba is supported by his cellmate Jorgo, who encourages him to ask Marina for forgiveness. In return, Jorgo wants Kuba to help him break out. Just a little. Just put the getaway car in place. Kuba agrees.
Back in freedom, Kuba begins to fight his addiction to drugs and crime. While searching for Marina, he finds out that she is living a new, middle-class life with another man. Kuba does not want to destroy this life, gives up the idea of reconciliation, himself along with it, and devotes himself entirely to coke. Moreover, he no longer wants to just put the getaway car in place for Jorgo, but to go along with the whole escape.
But suddenly Marina comes forward and confronts Kuba with a surprise: while he was in prison, their son was born. Kuba does not know how to deal with this new situation. On the one hand, he wants to lead a regular life for his son, but on the other hand he does not want to abandon Jorgo. His plan: steal the coke from his drug-addicted friends, sell the stuff and hire a driver with the proceeds.
From now on, Kuba leads a double life. Half the day he applies for a regular job, during the other half he sells the stolen coke. He looks for ways to appease his angry friends and at the same time tries to find out what a father actually is. Kuba wants to handle everything – and no one is happy with him.