Graduation screenplay by Lukas Golletz
Screenplay for feature film | Melodrama | approx. 90-100 min

Robert, 22, finally wants to leave his hometown. His departure shatters the symbiotic three-way relationship between him, his best friend Eddie, 22, and his mother Mara. At a last dinner together, they wistfully reminisce about their time together. But the farewell is more final than they feared: On the way back from Robert’s farewell party, Eddie causes a motorbike accident – Robert is dead!
Mara falls into lethargy after the death of her son. Only when reading his diary, she feels encouraged to rekindle old friendships. Her attempts to build emotional closeness to others, however, fail again and again. Eddie seems to deliberately avoid her. Plagued by feelings of guilt, he throws himself into work. He meticulously plans his daily routine so as not to have a spare second in which he would have confront his feelings. Ironically, this makes him more successful in his professional and private life than before.
Meanwhile, Mara increasingly suspects that Eddie had something to do with the accident. Her suspicion is confirmed when she finds a pair of blood-soaked jeans in his flat. Driven by revenge, she now does everything she can to confront Eddie with his guilt. Unnoticed, she repeatedly disrupts his perfectly timed daily routine, places mementos of Robert in his flat – and thus slowly drives him mad.