Graduation screenplay by Zoe Hagen
Screenplay for feature film | tragicomedy | approx. 90 min

At first glance, Mona has everything. She is a successful lawyer and lives with her husband Peter and their children Elise (17) and Flynn (6) in a nice house in a beautiful neighborhood. Even if the contact to her mother Hilde is difficult and that to her younger sister Magda, who extremely unsuccessfully tries herself out as an actress (if anyone is funny, it’s film people), anyway, and then there is the Polish helper Minka, who is depressive and either cleans windows or throws herself out of them, and there is no time for the children, because Mona’s mountain of work is as long as this sentence. But otherwise, her life really couldn’t be more beautiful! It’s common knowledge that beauty is the measure of happiness.
Every Sunday the whole family gets together to bake cakes at Mona’s – this is done at Hilde’s request, otherwise they wouldn’t see each other at all. On a beautiful „cake Sunday“ Hilde explains to the family that she would like to go to Switzerland, to a hospice. To die. The beginning of a family road trip to Switzerland, with all the ups and downs that family simply brings with it. In between there are quarrels, accidents, a pet dies, one is stolen, Minka has secretly smuggled herself in, secrets are revealed, relationships break apart and reassemble. People laugh, people cry; people cry while laughing. In the end, there is death, but even that comes completely different than expected. As the saying goes: „We humans make plans – and God laughs.“