ifs @ Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis

Two ifs films have their premiere in the competition of the 43rd Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis.

The two ifs graduation films »BULLDOG« and »Point in Time« of the ifs internationale filmschule köln will have their premiere at the 43rd Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis (January 16th-26th, 2022).
»BULLDOG« deals with a symbiotic mother-son-relationship that is strained to the breaking point. Increasingly strained is also the situation of a site manager who starts to lose control over a large construction site in »Point in Time«.
The ifs graduation film »BULLDOG« by André Szardenings (Directing/Screenplay(DoP) and Antonia-Marleen Klein (Editing), produced by Lea Neu and Katharina Kolleczek competes in the Kategorie Spielfilm with nine other films for eight awards with a total worth of 75,000 euros.
In this coming-of-age drama, the unreasonable as well as symbiotic relationship of 21-year-old Bruno (Julius Nitschkoff) to his young mother Toni (Lana Cooper) is put to a stress test, when her new partner Hannah (Karin Hanczewski) moves in with them in their shared bungalow in Spain. Displaced from their shared bed, Bruno suddenly has to deal with the fact that he is no longer the sole center of this mother’s attention. However, the forced cutting of the cord also provides Bruno with unexpected freedom – and the first decision of his own in his life. The film was made in co-production with Bayerischer Rundfunk and was funded by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.
The ifs graduation film »Point in Time« by Simon Schneider (Directing/Screenplay), Dario Haramustek (Screenplay), Franziska Wieden (Production), Martina Di Lorenzo (DoP), Tim Egner, (Editing/Sound Design) and Jessica Kaczmarek (Production Design) was selected for the short film category. The comedy, which was funded by the State Chancellery of Thuringia, competes with 19 other films for the award for the best short film and the audience award – both endowed with 5,000 euros.
A large construction site shortly before completion. Site manager Thomas Zetzsche (Cornelius Schwalm) is proud of what he and his team have created. But suddenly, more and more deficiencies appear. The fire system goes haywire, entire rooms seam to disappear without a trace, and Thomas soon realizes that he will no longer able to keep the scheduled opening date. He has to ask himself what his own role is in this flawed system and what consequence he will draw from it.
The Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis is one of the most renowned plattforms for up-and-coming filmmakers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This year, 49 films will be shown in the four competition categories feature film, documentary, medium-length film, and short film. In 2022, the festival takes place in hybrid form at venues in Saarbrücken and Saarland as well as in the streaming section of the festival website www.ffmop.de