ifs graduate wins FIRST STEPS Screenplay Award

Dario Haramustek receives award for his ifs graduation screenplay »PATTERN OF LIFE«

Dario Haramustek
Esther Bernstorff (screenwriter), Dario Haramustek, Magdalena Prosteder (Warner Bros.) © Florian Liedel

Dario Haramustek received an award for his final project at the ifs internationale filmschule köln, the screenplay for the feature-length film »PATTERN OF LIFE«, at the FIRST STEPS Awards ceremony yesterday. The FIRST STEPS Screenplay Award is endowed with 7,000 euros. The nomination already included prize money of 1,000 euros.

In the screenplay »PATTERN OF LIFE«, Scott (45) works for the US Air Force at Ramstein Air Base and evaluates live images of combat drones. When a child is also killed during a planned shoot-down in Yemen, Scott begins to have doubts about a system that accepts this mistake. His personal crisis increasingly isolates him not only within his military unit, but also from his wife and their children, whose reality of life is largely defined by Scott’s profession. The family’s coexistence threatens to break down.

The jury said: »PATTERN OF LIFE is a script of astonishing maturity. Dario Haramustek leads us with great assurance and knowledge into the reality of life at a US airbase in Ramstein. […] The experiences of the complexly led characters make the brutality of sudden isolation palpable – but also the opportunity that lies in allowing doubts and questioning certainties. For surprisingly, in the midst of social coldness, real encounters, support and care become possible. In this way, Dario Haramustek’s narrative has a relevance for our coexistence beyond the depicted encapsulated world of the US military that will give us food for thought for a long time to come.«
»I am very happy about this award and am now taking the next steps with my book in order to finally see this story made into a film«, says Dario Haramustek enthusiastically.

Also nominated this year was the ifs graduation film »BULLDOG« by André Szardenings (director/writer/cinematographer) and Antonia-Marleen Klein (editing) in the Category Full-length Feature Film.

The award ceremony will be available in the ARD Mediathek until June 21, 2022.
The FIRST STEPS Awards are the most important and most highly endowed award for final projects from film schools in the German-speaking countries. They were created as an initiative of the film industry by the producers Bernd Eichinger and Nico Hofmann. They are organised by the German Film Academy in partnership with Amazon Studios, Seven.One Entertainment Group, Studio Hamburg, UFA and Warner Bros, supported by Bayerischer Rundfunk and Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg.

Photo: © Florian Liedel