Jutta Pohlmann is the new professor for Director of Photography

»Sharpening the senses together with the students«
Jutta Pohlmann to be the Professor for Director of Photography

The new year also sees the start of a new professor at the ifs internationale filmschule köln: Jutta Pohlmann is the first camerawoman to take up the ifs professorship for Director of Photography with a focus on feature films.

Jutta Pohlmann studied camera and directing at the Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest, Hungary and participated in master classes by Zsigmond Vilmos, Billy Williams and Dean Cundey, among others. Already during her studies, she worked as a freelance cinematographer for cinema and television films – both documentary and fictional – with directors such as Alexander Adolph, David Schalko, Petra Lüschow, Achim von Borries, Katalin Gödrös and Detlev Buck. She directed the camera for numerous commercials and music videos.

She has received several awards for her image design, including the Camera Award in the short film category of the Locarno International Film Festival (»Murder, they said!«), the Camera Award of the »Femme Totale« festival (»England! «), the Merit Award and the Silver World Medal at the New York Festival (»VW – Autostadt«, IFF). She was nominated for the German Camera Award in the category Feature Film (»Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken« and »Die fremde Frau«) and the Austrian ROMY in the category Best Picture Design TV (»Höhenstrasse«).

In addition to other teaching activities, including the dffb in Berlin, Jutta Pohlmann was camera mentor in 2015 for the feature film »KATI KATI«, which was produced in Kenya by Tom Tykwer’s film production company »One Fine Day Film«.

Interdisciplinary work, an engagement with the visual arts and theatre as well as progressive approaches and finding new ways are important aspects for Jutta Pohlmann. This is also reflected in her image design of art installations and art films by renowned artists (including Douglas Gordon).

As a co-founder of the platform www.cinematographinnen.net, the promotion and empowerment of camerawomen and female cinematography students is particularly close to her heart.

Jutta Pohlmann describes her teaching activities at the ifs and her cooperation with the cinematography students as follows »My goal is to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ together with the students, to sharpen the senses in order to recognize the substantial inside of a material and to transform it into pictures. Every image designer has two identities. On the one hand, there is the technical-craft identity, and on the other hand the artistic, creative identity. I would like to support students in merging these two identities in order to develop visual concepts and implement them technically. Only in this way can we serve a story and become creative partners in the process of making a film.«