New master’s program »Film« starts

  • 10 young filmmakers develop interdisciplinary relevant material
  • The renowned filmmaker Ciro Cappellari leads the study program

Ciro Cappellari
Prof. Ciro Cappellari welcomes the new students of the MA »Film« at the ifs in a video meeting.

For the first time, the new master’s program »Film« started today with the winter semester at the ifs internationale filmschule köln.
The four-semester master’s program teaches co-creative ways of working on film projects – from the initial idea to production. The goal is to expand the students’ film-aesthetic possibilities by taking socially relevant questions and topics into account and further developing creative collaboration in filmmaking. The goal is to challenge conventions on perspectives, content and aesthetic forms – with the aim of challenging and enriching audiences through socially relevant issues, innovative ideas and audiovisual experiences.
In interdisciplinary teams, the 10 students from Germany, Croatia and Columbia in the MA »Film« develop relevant material and explore new forms of cooperation in project work. The participants come from the fields of screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, acting or journalism.

The program starts with an intensive focus on the medium of film with regard to current trends, followed by workshops that prepare students for co-creative project work from the perspective of directing, production, camera, image editing and sound design.
Accompanying this, students begin to engage in artistic research as well as systemic thinking and its possible applications in film production.
The joint work on a first short film project in the second half of the first semester offers the opportunity to try out the methods taught and to check and apply the insights gained. Today’s semester opener includes the keynote address »Diversify or die« with diversity expert and former BBC journalist Elonka Soros.

The program is led by new professor and renowned filmmaker Ciro Cappellari. The writer, director and cinematographer deals in his films with topics such as social stigmatization or racism. Among his most important works as a director is the feature film Sin Querer – Time of the Flamingos (1997), which won the Sundance Cinema 100 Award for Best Screenplay and was nominated for the European Film Award. Ciro Cappellari also wrote and directed numerous documentaries, including In Berlin (2009) as co-director with DoP Michael Ballhaus. He won the Adolf Grimme Award with Abdullah Ibrahim – A Fight for Love (2005). Ciro Cappellari is a member of the European Film Academy. He also has two decades of international teaching experience – most recently as a professor at CalArts – California Institute of the Arts.

The German-language master’s program in film accepts new students every two years.
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