Working in front of the camera requires thorough preparation and examination of the role. In the daily work of a film production, the actor is given considerably less time than in the theatre to work out the core of a scene. In the ifs acting workshops and workouts, actors have the chance to improve their tools and their work in front of and with the camera among their colleagues. The participants can expand their “playroom” in many ways in order to be prepared for their work in filming and casting. They will be supported by selected directors, acting teachers and casting directors.

Some of the workshops take place within the framework of our further educational camps and enable exchange and networking beyond the impulses provided by the content.

The workouts take place twice a year on Wednesdays from 6 p.m. with changing focus points. The training is aimed at full-time actors who want to continuously train or improve their performance in front of the camera in the time between two engagements.


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