Camps & Workshops

These workshops will be held in German.

The ifs offers a wide spectrum of further education opportunities for film professionals and film enthusiasts from related fields, ranging from fulltime programs lasting several months to extra-occupational courses to workshops lasting several days. Participants are provided with everything they require for their future work: specific technical and specialized knowledge, hands-on experience, and an ideal environment to develop and explore their creative skills and capabilities.

Once a year, the various film departments of the ifs offer a range of compact, in-depth workshops and lectures for film and media professionals in the frame of further educational camps – compacted over the course of one week.

Through its flexible further education programs on offer, the ifs continues to adapt anew to the developments of the film and television industry. The ifs offers film and media professionals a compact week of in-depth workshops and lectures from each of its film departments, covering relevant specific topics.

Entertainment Pro

Practice-oriented training program for entertainment producers
Next start: January 2020
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Masterclass Non-Fiction

Documentary storytelling in a variety of formats is still a trend – in the cinema as well as on various TV stations and on the Internet. Classical documentary is combined with fictional elements and visual effects. One and the same topic can be designed and formatted completely differently – depending on the target group. In the Masterclass Non-Fiction, participants develop their individual film ideas tailored to the German, European or international market – accompanied by internationally renowned lecturers.
Next start: November 2020
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Working in front of the camera requires thorough preparation and examination of the role. In the everyday work of a film production, the actors are given considerably less time than in the theatre to work on the core of a scene. In the ifs acting workshops and workouts, actors are given the opportunity to improve their own tools and their work in front of and with the camera among colleagues. Participants can expand their »acting space« in many ways in order to be prepared for their work in shooting and casting. They are supported by selected directors, acting teachers and casting directors.

Some of the workshops take place within the framework of the ifs further education camps and allow for exchange and networking beyond the content impulses. The workouts take place twice a year on Wednesdays from 18.00 o’clock with a changing focus. The training is aimed at full-time actresses who want to continuously train or improve their performance in front of the camera in the time between two engagements.

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