In the field of directing, the ifs offers the specialization »Film Directing« in the Bachelor’s program Film. In addition, within the framework of our further education camps there are regular workshops on selected topics for directors. Directors can also apply for the Masterclass Non-Fiction and the Master’s program Digital Narratives.

Specialization in »Directing« in BA Film

Only through a personal artistic vision good directors can bring their stories to life on camera. The aim in the Specialization in Directing is to recognize this specific talent, cultivate it and give it expression in the form of an individual artistic signature style. Along the way, students learn in practical exercises and project work with students of other specializations to shape and coordinate all aspects of staging and production: from the screenplay to the acting, the image and sound design, the production design and editing and right down to the music and the visual effects.

Parallel to working on fiction film, students explore documentary storytelling and thereby the entire spectrum of possibilities that lies between fiction and reality and the wide range of related forms of aesthetic expression. This also involves addressing social contexts and issues.

In addition to learning the craft and skills of filmmaking, the program paves the way to an understanding of the art of film as well as the interaction between the trades and crafts involved, thus enabling students to confidently assume responsibility for a team in the future. (ok)

Next application phase: from winter 2019/2020
Next start of studies: summer semester 2021

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