Director of Photography

In the field of DoP, the ifs offers the specialization »Director of Photography« in the Bachelor’s program Film.
In addition, there are regular further education workshops on selected topics for directors of photography.

Specialization in »Director of Photography« in BA Film

The Director of Photography uses the camera to draw the eyes of the viewers and pull them emotionally into the action and atmosphere of a film. The image is the basic element of cinematic storytelling – visual style and artistic implementation are crucial aspects of filmmaking.

Students specializing in Director of Photography are trained to become storytellers and picture designers who, in collaboration with the director, production designer and editor, artistically shape the aesthetics and narrative of a film.

Students learn the basic design, craft, and organizational skills of cinematography – both in fiction and documentary film. In addition to technical skills, students also acquire narrative, creative and production skills, which they steadily test and apply throughout the program in a variety of projects in cooperation with the students of other specializations. In the process, Director of Photography students develop their own visual signature style and become self-confident creative partners for both directors and producers.

Bachelor’s program Film
Language of instruction:
Application deadline: 21 September 2020
Start of studies: Summer semester 2021
Pre-selection (without the attendance of the applicants): November 2020 
Entrance examination (attendance required): 7 – 12 December 2020
Application Documents [PDF]

The application tasks can be uploaded to the application platform until September 21, 2020.
Find the link to the application platform »Director of Photography« here.

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