Editing Picture & Sound

In the field of editing, the ifs offers the specialization »Editing Picture & Sound« in the Bachelor’s program Film.

In addition, within the framework of our further education camps there are regular workshops on selected topics for editors. Editors can also apply for the Masterclass Non-Fiction and the Master’s program Digital Narratives.

Specialization in »Editing Picture & Sound« in BA Film

At the ifs, editors are perceived as creative filmmakers who through sound design and picture montage make a decisive contribution to shaping the story of a film. Editors are co-authors in the assembly of a documentary or a narrative dramaturgy for a fictional story.

The Specialization in Editing Picture & Sound introduces students to the craft of the editor, which they then apply in several editing exercises throughout the entire program. In the project work, the students are responsible in their teams for the picture and sound design in the editing room. The program serves as a training ground and experimental field where editing students can try out and expand their newly gained skills. In the process, they learn to take a position in their work and to develop their personal signature style, which they can then professionally apply in the collaborative process of shaping the dramaturgy of a film.

Next application phase: from end of January 2020
Next start of studies:
summer semester 2021

»The cutting room is where the film is rewritten.« – ifs professor Barbara Hennings and professor André Bendocchi-Alvés talk about their love for film editing and why they want more women to decide to become editors! Have fun!

Cut: Friederike Dörffler

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