Masterclass Non-Fiction

Documentary Formats
Whether on television, streaming portals or in the cinema, whether single pieces (30-90 minutes) or documentary series – documentary formats are still in demand. Familiar boundaries between different genres such as docudrama, documentary film, reportage or factual entertainment is increasingly diffusing, new genres emerge. One and the same theme can find its home in different formats, depending on how visionary or how classic the corresponding editorial offices all over the world describe their broadcasting space. But it is always about the interest of the respective target audience.

Goals of the Masterclass Non-Fiction
The participants of the Masterclass Non-Fiction VII develop their documentary film ideas with a focus on the German and international market. They are supported by a team of renowned mentors and lecturers.
In addition to project development, they are comprehensively prepared for work processes related to the production of high-quality formats. Every participant is supported in expanding individual abilities.
Finally, the Masterclass Non-Fiction is also the ideal starting point for building a dense network of like-minded people and decision-makers.
The Masterclass aims to arouse the interest of a broader audience for documentary films.
In the foreground is the story, the narration.

The right presentation
Important cinematic elements such as dramatization, staging and visual effects can usefully support the backbone of any project. But “L’art pour l’art” rarely works.
For it is also apparent that the “one” and unique, important story may be underestimated and often tragically, especially in the field of social affairs and social policy, is not brought to life if it is not recited “with fire” and does not come along in “new clothes”.
Here it becomes obvious that the development of a professional, cleverly thought-out presentation of a project and a corresponding sales strategy are extremely important.
The seventh Masterclass Non-Fiction will once again take all this into account to a high degree.

Successes of the Masterclass Non-Fiction
The ideas of the participants should be brought to life, financed and finally produced – also with the aim that the filmmakers can make a living through their works and their talent.
The success of the previous classes shows that this works: Many of the projects developed in the Masterclass have met with great interest, have been produced and shown on TV and in cinemas – or are currently still being developed further with broadcasters and are close to realisation. Some projects received film funding, others won German and international awards and nominations – including the feature film “The Beautiful Krista”, the “Women and Oceans” series, the cinema and web series project “Heimatkino” or the documentaries “DNA Cooking” and “An Airport on the End of the world”.
And even beyond the projects they have worked on, many of the graduates have gained access to production companies, broadcasters and distribution companies through the Masterclass Non-Fiction, for which they are now developing and realising films on a long-term basis.



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