Specialization in »Screenwriting«
in BA Film

It all starts with a blinking cursor and a vision: a screenplay is the dream of a film.

But what makes a good screenplay and why is it indispensable in filmmaking? What are the stories that can, want, need to be told? In the balancing act between unbiased curiosity, meticulous research, and careful tact, good screenwriters can succeed in finding stories and turning them into visually vivid screenplays written in an expressive and articulate language.

In the Specialization in Screenwriting, young writers learn more than how to tell good stories using pictures, developing credible characters and writing convincing dialogues. Teamwork is considered equally important, as well as a solid basic understanding of all aspects of filmmaking – including the demands of the market. The focus, however, is always on the individual style of the author – and on the story. Because regardless of whether or not the screenplay includes dialogue, or whether it’s fully developed or a rough draft: without a screenplay, there is no film.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
7 semesters
Admission: every two years
New Start of Study: September 2023 (winter semester 2023/2024)
Application Phase: Summer 2022 until Spring 2023
Preselection (without presence of the applicants): April 2023
Entrance Examination (attendance required): May 2023
Language: German



The Bachelor’s program Film accepts new students every two years starting in the winter semester. Admission takes place in a two-stage procedure.

The two-stage application procedure consists of:
– An online application with specialization-specific application tasks.
– An entrance examination to take place at the ifs.
Candidates are selected on the basis of the submitted online applications and invited to the entrance examination. In this two-stage procedure, applicants must demonstrate their artistic and creative aptitude in relation to the BA Film program and their desired specialization.

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