VFX & Animation

Specialization »VFX & Animation«
in BA Film

Using visual effects and computer-generated image worlds, the Visual Artist extends the expressive possibilities of creative film design and is an integral part of contemporary film production.

The Specialization in VFX & Animation offers students a wide-ranging course that covers everything from professional effects generation to the complete design of 3D animations. Students learn and work with industry-specific software and in standard workflows. In addition to technical know-how, the focus is on artistic and creative skills. Together with the students of the other specializations, VFX & Animation students first learn the technical and narrative foundations of film production and then implement them in hands-on projects, bringing the focus on the combination of photorealistic film images and digitally created elements.

In the VFX part of the program, students learn to implement computer-generated effects, sets, props and characters in cinematic material – from planning to supervision on set to compositing. The animation part of the program conveys character design, modeling, animation, texturing, lighting and rendering – and thus the entire production process of a 3D animation film. During the course of studies, students have the opportunity to follow their own interests and specialize.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
7 semesters
Admission: every two years
Application deadline:
15 March 2021
Pre-selection (without the attendance of the applicants): March/April 2021
Entrance examination (attendance required): May 2021
Start of studies: September 2021 (Winter semester 2021)
Language: German




The Bachelor’s program Film accepts new students every two years starting in the winter semester. Admission takes place in a two-stage procedure.

The two-stage application procedure consists of:
– An online application with specialization-specific application tasks.
– An entrance examination to take place at the ifs.
Candidates are selected on the basis of the submitted online applications and invited to the entrance examination. In this two-stage procedure, applicants must demonstrate their artistic and creative aptitude in relation to the BA Film program and their desired specialization.



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