Germany 2021 | 27 min. | Documentary

Thomas Meixner tries to reconstruct 75 instruments in only two years to make a concert happen in Taiwan.
Thomas has been professional drummer all through his life until he got aksed to revive Harry Partch’s lifework. In his tiny garage in Cologne, he starts reconstructing all of partchs‘ 75 custom-made instruments. He has only two years to get everything ready fort he grand premiere at the national theater in Taiwan. 75/1 observes the abysses of a man, who between insomnia and isolation, has only one determination: to finish the work he had started.


Directing: Till Kleinau
Till Kleinau, Friederike Dörffler, Katja Tauber
Friederike Dörffler
Katja Tauber
Editing: Friederike Dörffler
Sound Design: Maximilain Rodegra


Thomas Meixner