89 and You and I

Project from the 5th semester of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2009 | 26 min. | Documentary film

GDR 1989 – between children’s games on the wall strip and teenage dreams of the revolution.

The film is a personal exchange between the two filmmakers, who experienced the days in October and the fall of the Wall in East Berlin differently. The memories of a then six-year-old and his childlike view of things meet the euphoria of a teenager who thought the revolution was possible. The two send each other video letters and thus penetrate each other’s emotional worlds. A tender film about friendship and memory against the background of great history.


Director: Joseph Lippok, Bogdana Vera Lorenz
Producer: Max Permantier, Tobias Leveringhaus
DoP: Driss Azhari, Roland Stuprich, Joseph Lippok, Bogdana Vera Lorenz
Editing: Annette zur Mühlen
Sounddesign: Peter Aufderhaar
Sound: Christian Bornkessel
Music: Jens Grötzschel