A Fairy Tale of an Unusual Place in the Universe

Graduation film 2014 of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2014 | 20 min. | Feature Film

Once upon a time there was a girl named Helene. And because her father was king and her mother queen, she had to be princess.
So the nine-year-old Helene begins to tell her own story in her paper theatre. After all, a princess can do everything. Really everything.
A freedom that quickly turns out to be a prison, because the architecture of the kingdom is so all-encompassing and powerful that it no longer needs any prohibitions.
The impossibility of leaving traces or even changing something makes Helene increasingly passive. When the court physician also wants to treat her “melancholy” with medication, Helene takes this opportunity to throw the crown into the castle pond and break it out.
A day like no other follows. Helene learns to cycle, injures herself and finds a friend in 8 1/2 year old Paul. He takes care of her wounds and shows her his favourite place high up on the roofs. Here above the city, everything loses its previous meaning: houses, trains, princesses, kingdoms – everything just made up!
But in the evening the king with Helene’s crown stands in front of the door and wants to pick her up.
Helene and Paul look at each other. Their own place in the universe could indeed be impossible. Or even not! They disappear a second time.
This time perhaps forever.


Director: Markus Wulf
Screenplay: Markus Wulf / Dominik Hochwald
Producer: Su Jun Song
DoP: Janosch Götze
Editing / Sounddesign: Holger Buff
Production Design: Markus Wulf
Costume Design: Teresa Spang
Mask: Robert Schmermer


Lotta Kraft
Derin Akyaman
Mark Waschke
Julia Grafflage
Clementine Schwander
Karl-Heinz Dickmann
Rudolf Schlager
Josef Hofmann

Awards & Festivals

  • 33. Filmfest Dresden 2021
  • Mo&Friese Preis auf dem Kinderfilmfestival Mo&Friese 2016
  • 2. Platz beim Publikumspreis in der Kategorie Kinderfilm, 38.
  • Grenzland-Filmtage Selb
  • Jurypreis beim Kölner Design Preis
  • Nominierung für den Deutschen Kurzfilmpreis in der Kategorie “Spielfilme mit einer Laufzeit von mehr als 7 bis 30 Minuten”
  • Filmpreis „Goldmarie“ beim Schulkinoprojekt der 56. Grundschule Dresden 2014
  • 2. Platz beim Nichts wie weg mit dem deutschen Qualitätskino! Wettbewerb der studiobühneköln 2014
  • Lobende Erwähnung für das Drehbuch, Deutsches Kinder-Medien-Festival GOLDENER SPATZ
  •  Malaysia-German-Society Screening 2016
  • Platzhirsch Festival Duisburg 2016
  • Bayreuther Filmfest Kontrast 2016
  •  ShortOrama Kurzfilmreihe im Westend 2015
  • Oderkurz-Filmspektakel 2015
  • Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis Brasilien 2015
  • Festival International du Film Nancy  2015
  • Seoul International Youth Film Festival 2015
  • Grenzland-Filmtage 2015
  • SchulKinoWochen Hessen 2015
  • SKENA UP Festival 2014
  • Unlimited Kurzfilmfestival 2014
  • 13th International Student Film and Video Festival 2014
  • Internationales Filmfest Oldenburg 2014
  • Kölner Kino Nächte 2014
  • 22. Deutsches Kinder-Medien-Festival 2014
  • Filmfest Dresden 2014