A Story of Ishmael and Isaac

Project film of the ifs internationale filmschule köln 2017 | 5. semester | Documentary | 74 min.

180,000 Palestinians, 800 Israeli settlers in between, 4000 soldiers to protect them – Hebron is the Middle East conflict in small. Weekly, the tension on the streets around Abraham’s grave unloads. Both sides are fighting for religion and home – and both sides are fighting bitterly…


Director: Oliver Meinborn
DoP: Kyrill Ahlvers
Producer: Charly Hoffmann, Nikolaas Meinshausen
Editing: Christopher Tworuschka, Nathalie Bender 
Sound Design: Zoltan M. Geller
Music: Andi Reisner


Zippi Schlissel

Zlicha Al-Motasseb

Shmaya Engelmann

 Abu Saed