About Lying and Cheating

Project film from the 2nd semester of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany 2017 | 7 min.

Two strangers in two different ways. Both in search of hope. One in the spirit, the other in the mind. When Jens, looking for help from God, enters a small chapel in mourning for his deceased wife, he meets Marlene, who for him is the embodiment of his longing for answers. Do they manage even through the most abstruse misunderstandings to get a little closer to a new path?


Director: Alisa Kolosova
Screenplay: Beverly Stura-Cura
Producer: Franziska Wieden
DoP/Grading: Leander Büge
Editing / Sound Design: Patrick Hanemann
VFX: Julien Hecker
Production Design: Jashty Schulz


Julia Beerhold
Eugen Pirvu