Ain’t Living in America

Short film from the 3rd semester of the ifs internationale filmschule köln
Germany/Belgium 2020 | Documentary film | 15 min.

Simone Müller’s historically correct Cheyenne feather headdress bobs rhythmically as she dances through the light of the sun setting over the Rhineland while Kevin “Johnson” Derwahl drives his camouflaged Willys Jeep along the front of the Battle of the Bulge and Yara Deeb puts on her cowboy hat before training with her Appaloosa mare on the family’s own trail course.

Three fundamentally different people with fundamentally different passions have one thing in common: The ancient longing place America. Despite all controversy, what makes this country so attractive to our society?

»Ain’t Living in America« uses images that correspond to the force of myth to search for the American dream in the European present.


Directing/Screenplay: Manuel Liebscher
Producing/Screenplay: Maximilian Aigner
Director of Photography: Montell Taraschewski
Editing: Nils Herrmann



Awards & Festivals

  • Topanga Film Festival 2021, California
  • LETsDOK Bundesweite Dokumentarfilmtage 2021
  • blicke – Filmfestival des Ruhrgebiets
  • Stranger Than Fiction – Kölner Dokumentarfilmfest 2022